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Strawberry (or fruit) Dip


While Natalie chooses to grow her own Strawberries in her magnificent garden, I choose another's called Costco!  I have always found that Costco's fruit and veggies always look the best, plus you get a lot of them!  This is how we pick our strawberries for consumption in  the … [Read more...]

Sending out StRawBeRrY LOVE…

strawberries 2

Sending StRaWbErRy LOVE...              Several years ago, my little family hit the black top and headed out west...  My baby brother was making his second trip to the Junior College World Series in Grand Junction, Colorado.  The year before we had decided to fly with … [Read more...]

Summers are for STRAWBERRIES…

Summer is for STRAWBERRIES...

You know, when I think of SummerTime, I think of STRAWBERRIES ... strawberry ice cream,  strawberry pies, fresh-from-the-garden strawberries, strawberry salsa, super-duper strawberry cake, dips for strawberries, strawberry cobbler, strawberry sorbets... {I'm thinking I need some strawberries} … [Read more...]