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word warrior wednesday: my FIRST video {i warn you now!}

Haven't shared a verse in a while...  So, today we are encouraging you to hide this powerful verse in your heart....   Hope I didn't scare you away with my first video!  Ha!  {and I have no clue why it chose this shot of my face... I seem to be in pain!}  Please know that if you are walking … [Read more...]

How to truly be RADIANT…

How to be a light, when you wonder if you have the right to shine...    Across my mind, I have written this post a dozen times or more.  I am finally feeling brave enough to put pen to paper, so to speak.  As I write I am overwhelmed with His love and pray you feel Him as you read... … [Read more...]

31 Days of Inspiration… Day 17


31 Days of Inspiration {Day 17} Inspiring to be the Woman GOD wants me to be!  For those who you who have been reading our blog, you might know that sometime back. Joy and I both started a 90 Day devotional by Donna Partow.  Donna Partow has written several book, but two that we have read and … [Read more...]

Writing On The Wall


Natalie has been after me for some time to get this post out there, so today I finally am sitting down and writing this for you guys. Question:  Where do you pray?  Where do you spend the most time with God? For a mom of three it's pretty difficult sometimes to find some alone, quiet time.  I … [Read more...]

Joy’s Testimony


On July 24th 1997 I was in a car wreck, not just any fender bender, but a full blown total the car kind of wreck. You know you have always heard the saying:  slow down or you are going to wrap your car around a tree......yeah, I did that!  I was 18 and speeding...yes speeding (can you imagine an … [Read more...]

Apple Of His Eye

When things are down, we tend to feel bad about ourselves. Wonder who would understand, who could love us. Some days we feel worth very little. The decisions we make from circumstances thrown our way. There are times we fell so cruddy and worthless We are all familiar with the statement “Daddy’s … [Read more...]