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DIY bleach pen tees


Today's craft for the kiddos was really for me, but don't tell them! {shhhh!}  Of course, the kids loved it and had a blast coming up with their design for their t-shirts.     We took colored cotton t-shirts that you can find at your local craft store or at Wal-Mart.  I actually got mine in the … [Read more...]



So, I gotta share a GREAT little craft with you guys...  it's cheap and your kids will love it!!!   On Wednesday nights once a month in our Children's church {that was a mouth full}, we have CrAfT NiGHt for the kiddos!!  Yoohoo!!  And my bestie was put in charge of this little event.  I … [Read more...]

A Home-Made Dry Erase Board


A few months ago I saw a friend's post on face book about this amazing way to make your very own dry erase boards.  Loving the idea I clicked on the link only to be taken to the  "Make's & Takes" site.  I read through the post and decided this was definitely easy enough to conquer.  Natalie … [Read more...]