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DIY: I Spy Ornaments

2012 - Blog DIY I spy ornament.jpg

These are just the cutest things ever...  I wish I could say I made these little I Spy Ornaments, but I gotta give credit where it is due...    After the kids Christmas play, their grandmother {a.k.a. Nonna} surprised them with these Christmas ornaments she had crafted for the kids. … [Read more...]

Designs by R & R {more groovy gift ideas…}

R&R a

 Well, we have got about a week left and there is nothing like doing a little last minute shopping...  If you are looking for something amazing for your self or someone special, you have got to go visit my dear friends Roger and Renae Poer.  I think they are the grooviest couple and just love … [Read more...]

More Elfing Shenanigans

5 (1)

Our Elf Portie sure has been busy around our house causing trouble every night.  Here are a few things he has gotten into here lately.  Hope you all are having a wonderful Christmas season! Portie sitting in a shoe.  You are not allowed to touch the Elf so Andrew had to find another pair of … [Read more...]

Groovy Gift Idea…

Gift Guide 1

 So, I was out and about doing a little Christmas shopping and came across these sweet little mugs from Anthropologie.  To say I just loved these would probably be an understatement.  The colors, the feel, the little letters... just groovy.  So, for a coffee drinker ~ these were right up my … [Read more...]

Christmas Decorating Ideas…

Christmas - Decorating Tips

A couple of Christmas Ideas... Well, if you are anything like me... you are busy making your home a little more festive.  I love this time of year and I love to decorate my home for the holidays.  That being said, I have noticed that I have streamlined a bit over the years.  I have tried to find … [Read more...]

Elf Mischief

Magic Elf - 2 (44)

As Natalie said yesterday, we will be sharing our Elf mischief with you guys.  We so look forward to seeing our Elf every year and what mischief he will bring! Our Elf, Portie, came the other night and brought an array of goodies for the kids to announce his presence. (Thank you Allison … [Read more...]

He’s BaaaAAck… our magic elf!

Magic Elf - Markle Twinkle-1

Well, it is that time of year again... How do I know?  Our magic elf is BACK!  And boy, is he mischevious as ever!  After we get our belly's full with my sweet MeeMaw's gravy and biscuits, we head to the woods!  No Black Friday for me, nope... no shopping for me on Thanksgiving weekend.  It is … [Read more...]