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31 Days of Inspiration… Day 17


31 Days of Inspiration {Day 17} Inspiring to be the Woman GOD wants me to be!  For those who you who have been reading our blog, you might know that sometime back. Joy and I both started a 90 Day devotional by Donna Partow.  Donna Partow has written several book, but two that we have read and … [Read more...]

Week Two: On Becoming The Woman…

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Okay...    So, there has been a little confusion {snicker} with the title of the book and as to which one we are doing.  I had not shared with Joy all the confusion with the title...  I just assumed she had the right book.  I was a little thrown one day when she said "she was thinking of … [Read more...]

Week One: On Becoming the Woman God Wants Me to Be

Nat:  Well. . .   WEEK 1 is drawing near and MAN what a week?!?!?!  The night before we began this 90 DAY Journey of RENEWAL, the sweetest, most precious man I have ever known went to sing with Jesus!  It was one of the most unexpected events that has happened in a very long time.  Probably … [Read more...]

Summer Reading…


I don't know about you guys, but after all the craziness settled down a bit from the tornado, I was kind of left twiddling my thumbs.  For several weeks there, it seemed I was in constant contact with fellow christians serving daily.  In such a tragic time, there was great JOY in working a long … [Read more...]