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Old Fashion Beef Stew


I have come to realize that there are two types of cooks.  One that follows directions and one that does not.  I fall into the last category!  After posting a picture of the beef stew I made the other day on Facebook, I was bombarded with a recipe request.  Here’s the problem….there is no … [Read more...]

Word Warriors: hiding His word…

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Good Morning!  Well, I'm gonna try to get all the stuff out of my head and onto this post and at the same time not get long-winded and not confuse you with all my different stories...  {yes, I know ~  but hang in there with me!} FIRST, let me say this... living for Christ has been NOTHING short … [Read more...]

The WellHouse: two years ago today…


I showed up at Special Ops not knowing...  We had a little celebrating to do...  Two years ago TODAY, The WellHouse had their first rescue!  Woohoooo!  Isn't that just amazing!  I never thought this … [Read more...]

Bless The Lord Oh My Soul


Music Have you ever had music speak to you?  Where you really listen to the words, the chords, absorbing them, and letting them comfort you?  Or better yet letting music take you to  a state of Praise? Music speaks to me!  I often find that it is my "go to" for getting to a time of worship.  … [Read more...]

Shirt Sale!


Hello Everyone!!!  We are hosting our first sale!!!! We are dropping the prices to $30 per shirt and adding FREE SHIPPING until Thursday 1/24/13 We are trying to get our quarter length shirt inventory moved so we can start planning for our spring and summer inspirational words! If you haven't … [Read more...]

Good Times…


There's nothing better than when Joy and I are able to get together and just chat over coffee and enjoy our actual "facetime"...  Except when our men get to spend a little one-on-one together!  I am so thankful for the friendship that Joy and I share, but I love that our kids and our sweet … [Read more...]

word warrior wednesday: my FIRST video {i warn you now!}

Haven't shared a verse in a while...  So, today we are encouraging you to hide this powerful verse in your heart....   Hope I didn't scare you away with my first video!  Ha!  {and I have no clue why it chose this shot of my face... I seem to be in pain!}  Please know that if you are walking … [Read more...]

it takes Big faith…

Eighteen years ago today... The events of that day are burned to memory or should I say etched upon my heart.  I sit here overwhelmed with emotion and pure Love for my Lord.  I have always loved Him, really I have.  I would go as far as saying I have always lived for Him.  Though, my life is … [Read more...]

DIY: I Spy Ornaments

2012 - Blog DIY I spy ornament.jpg

These are just the cutest things ever...  I wish I could say I made these little I Spy Ornaments, but I gotta give credit where it is due...    After the kids Christmas play, their grandmother {a.k.a. Nonna} surprised them with these Christmas ornaments she had crafted for the kids. … [Read more...]

Grace to Ukraine


After reconnecting over homeschool {thanks Aubrey!} and later connecting on Facebook.  I learned that my friend Marilyn and Jennifer were involved in a ministry called Grace to Ukraine.  From the updates and post they wrote or linked to, I could feel their passion and love for these children. … [Read more...]