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One year today…

DSC_0100 (2)

Where were you a year ago today?  My how one day, one event, one evening, changed lives forever.  When we came out of the basement and looked around, we had no idea the horror that lay just a mile beyond our home.  We couldn't have foreseen the things that we would see and hear about over the … [Read more...]

if i ever needed GRACE, it’s now…

The song... have you heard it?  It's in my head, it's been my prayer today.  Singing it...  Praying it... Praising Him ...   If I've ever needed grace, it's now...    Today, was one of those days where you wish you had a stash of "do-over" days hide in a mason jar back behind the … [Read more...]

Prayer Books


Natalie and I are both firm believers in the power of prayer.  We have each had matters which required fervent prayer and watched how marvelous our Saviour can be working through those prayers. Back years ago, the same friend of mine (Heather O'Connor) who enlightened me about the "prayer wall" … [Read more...]

Her answer… Six Weeks of PRAYER!

Just an update...   Joy and I love expressing our thoughts and ideas here on WeAreRooted and we are so thankful for those of you who read our little blog... We both know what a great opportunity we have here to share our stories and our love for God.  We want this little bitty spot in cyber … [Read more...]

Is church important?

It's around 7:00 now and I have already written two letters and four post {laughing}... in my mind!  As I laid in bed, way early before the sun came up...  I have just about solved the world's problems!  Since I have been studying the Proverbial Women, I thought it best to get my bootie on out of … [Read more...]

Biblical Virtues…

Well, for those of you here in my area...  This was the BIG day for you guys!  It is a very exciting and scary thing all together...  new school, new teacher, new friends, new adventures and new ups & downs!  A friend of mine warned us of the enemy, lurking behind the door.   Don't be … [Read more...]

Update to Joy’s Study

Okay Ladies, I have a confession to make:  I really struggled with the past couple weeks lessons.   We have had lots of "life" stuff get thrown into the middle of my study and I let it bog me down. While they are valid excuses, they are just that...excuses.  I want to apologize to you all … [Read more...]

Week Two for Joy’s Study…

Alight, I know I'm a little behind.  I should have posted something Friday, but we were on vacation.  So I'm just now getting to this.  As Natalie mentioned in her post, we are now doing two different studies.  I am tackling "Becoming the Woman God Wants Me to Be".  If you are going to continue … [Read more...]

Week Two: On Becoming The Woman…

DSCF0282 copy

Okay...    So, there has been a little confusion {snicker} with the title of the book and as to which one we are doing.  I had not shared with Joy all the confusion with the title...  I just assumed she had the right book.  I was a little thrown one day when she said "she was thinking of … [Read more...]

Week One: On Becoming the Woman God Wants Me to Be

Nat:  Well. . .   WEEK 1 is drawing near and MAN what a week?!?!?!  The night before we began this 90 DAY Journey of RENEWAL, the sweetest, most precious man I have ever known went to sing with Jesus!  It was one of the most unexpected events that has happened in a very long time.  Probably … [Read more...]