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Clean Living Recipes… {it’s good}


Good Morning!!!  Well, you might remember recently that I shared with you my  little brunch with my friends Kelli, Anna and Monique...  If you missed it, you can catch it here!  I shared how awesome and delicious the HEALTHY food was that Anna made for all of us to enjoy.  There were a couple … [Read more...]

changes ahead…


our coffee... there are changes ahead {hopefully}   i'm thinking less caffeine and less sugar. but, don't tell Andy!  {shhhh!} peace out, … [Read more...]

gluten-free and Jesus…

IMG_4124 2

So, about a year ago, I sat parked in front of my church finishing up a conversation with an old high school friend.  We had run into each other often over the years, but during this particular time in our lives lately, our paths just continued to cross...  We had an idea God was up to something. … [Read more...]

Old Fashion Beef Stew


I have come to realize that there are two types of cooks.  One that follows directions and one that does not.  I fall into the last category!  After posting a picture of the beef stew I made the other day on Facebook, I was bombarded with a recipe request.  Here’s the problem….there is no … [Read more...]

DIY: southern weddings and butter…

caleb & lakristin

    Earlier this year, my baby brother married the love of his life... Happy and just so stinking precious!  {Just the idea of Caleb old enough to be married makes Joy and I feel a liiiiiittle old}   This past year was an exciting time in all of our lives and I had the honor to … [Read more...]



A few years ago Natalie introduced me to the world of aprons.   Oh yes, aprons...the things you saw your Grandma wear.  The styleless frock that covered her dress while cooking and covered every cookbook in the 1950's.  It is a thing of the past!    I was a bit surprised to get this gift … [Read more...]

A Bushel and a Peck


Growing up in the deep heart of Alabama, I 've heard some pretty weird and unusual terms over my life time.  Even words that are correct but twisted a bit by the endearing sound of a southern dialect.  I was recently graced by one of these terms by non other than my Mother! Jesse (my Northern … [Read more...]

Canning Tomatoes


It's coming to the end of the growing season here in Louisville and I have an abundance of tomatoes.  Because of the deer that have taken a liking to my back yard I am unable to have a garden like Natalie.  So instead I plant my tomatoes in a pot and place them on my deck.I have to say, this … [Read more...]

Gulf Wild…


     Talk about knowing where your food comes from!  With this little card stuck in my blackened red snapper, I was able to pull up site and key in a few numbers.  Then... wow!  The boat, the captain, the map!  Exactly where it was harvested!  Pretty neat-o-mosquito!  So, if you are … [Read more...]

Red Neck Caviar

Yesterday Natalie posted a version of her favorite dip "L.A. Caviar" from Lulu's.  Today I'd like to continue on with the black-eyed pea goodness and share with you a few of the recipes I've stumbled across over the years.  I'm stealing Natalie's picture from yesterday...she won't mind!  … [Read more...]