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Mission Mondays: Freedom Ride {The WellHouse}

wellhouse freedom ride

 Today, for Mission Monday, we wanted to share with you a super big event coming up for The WellHouse.  If you ride or know anyone that does... please share our fundraising event with them!  It is gonna be great and lots of fun!  Each Monday we have some awesome guys who go out with us, revving … [Read more...]

Valentine’s Day….


Okay, I know that today is supposed to be "Mission Monday" but I thought I might combine two things, Valentine's Day and being mission minded. Last year I threw my crew a Valentine's Party!  We have always had such a hard time finding a baby sitter on this "love day" so I thought why not … [Read more...]

The WellHouse: two years ago today…


I showed up at Special Ops not knowing...  We had a little celebrating to do...  Two years ago TODAY, The WellHouse had their first rescue!  Woohoooo!  Isn't that just amazing!  I never thought this … [Read more...]

Grace to Ukraine


After reconnecting over homeschool {thanks Aubrey!} and later connecting on Facebook.  I learned that my friend Marilyn and Jennifer were involved in a ministry called Grace to Ukraine.  From the updates and post they wrote or linked to, I could feel their passion and love for these children. … [Read more...]

Word Warrior shirts!!!


Oh my word...  I can not begin to tell you all how excited we are about our new Word Warrior shirts AND the response we have had from everyone!!!  We are just blown away with the comments, messages and orders we have had for all of our Word Warrior shirts.  IT has been just too fun sharing our … [Read more...]

Light a Candle and be Radiant


Natalie wrote a few weeks ago that we had something cooking!  Something that we committed six weeks of prayer to.  Something that we felt like God was calling us to do to help support our missions. Well, today I would like to show you what we've been up to! Take a look at what we are selling!  … [Read more...]

And the winner is…

{drum roll...}   CARRIE McCARTY COPELAND {yeah!!!  yahoooo!  woooooo!  BIG smile!!} ASHLEY COVIN {yes!!!  I'm so happy!!!  you needed a surprise!!!  yay!}   I couldn't be more excite or happy for you to awesome girls to get one of these beautiful bracelets!!!  Send me your emails … [Read more...]

Give{in}away LOVE: “be HIS light” leather cuff


Well, this is a "Tardy Tuesday" for "Mission Monday"...   Monday's are crazy wild and packed full of awesomeness all day long!  I had intended for our "Mission Monday" to have actually been written and posted on MONDAY!  But, anywho...   Some of you might have read this post about our new … [Read more...]

Mission Monday’s: special ops…

special ops

Another awesome Monday at Special Ops... I am so thankful for the opportunity to minister and serve with this amazing ministry.  It is so exciting to see God working within The Wellhouse and the peoples lives that have a heart for Special Ops.  I love that our Monday group has been dubbed, … [Read more...]

something’s cooking…

Well, I am so excited to kinda sorta tell you some exciting news...   At the beginning of the year, Joy and I committed to prayer for 6 weeks for some direction for our little blog.  Six weeks turned into twelve weeks...  And 12 weeks turned in to Mission Mondays!  Over and over we felt like … [Read more...]