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Good Times…


There's nothing better than when Joy and I are able to get together and just chat over coffee and enjoy our actual "facetime"...  Except when our men get to spend a little one-on-one together!  I am so thankful for the friendship that Joy and I share, but I love that our kids and our sweet … [Read more...]

don’t drink the water…

Well... happy Friday!!!!   With Joy's post on "Baby Wise",  it had me thinking...  NO, not about having another one!  But I was flooded with some really great itty bitty baby moments.  If you live in my neck of the woods, DO NOT DRINK THE WATER!  I repeat, DO NOT DRINK THE WATER!  There are … [Read more...]



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Family Fun: {summer bucket list}

family fun-bucket list

  Well, we are past the half-way mark for summer time...  How is your summer bucket list coming?  You know it is not too late to start one and SO much fun to do as a family! If you didn't get a chance to make a bucket list this summer, no worries!  As you begin to prepare your family for … [Read more...]

Puppy ♥Love♥


Okay, I'm a sucker!  I had a great post planned today and I got sucked into puppy world!  Oh heavens, the sweet, snuggly, pink nosed, squealing, can't keep my hands off, puppies world!  Our dog, Belle the Wonder Dog, had a litter of the most precious pups Saturday.  We are all so excited and … [Read more...]