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It’s been a while…

Hey guys!  Just wanted to check in with you guys and let you know we are still here...  The Lord just has us going down different paths right now.  We are thankful for the time we still get to spend together; although miles apart, our hearts are always connected.  We thank you for allowing us to … [Read more...]

Mission Mondays: Freedom Ride {The WellHouse}

wellhouse freedom ride

 Today, for Mission Monday, we wanted to share with you a super big event coming up for The WellHouse.  If you ride or know anyone that does... please share our fundraising event with them!  It is gonna be great and lots of fun!  Each Monday we have some awesome guys who go out with us, revving … [Read more...]

How Do You Study Your Bible?


About a month ago I was contacted by my church and asked if our family would mind doing a little video for a sermon series we were in called "Truth Reveled".  Basically it was all about the Bible!  A walk through the Bible, explaining it and how to study it.  The video we were asked to help in … [Read more...]

we are SOOO excited, so we are having a SALE!!!


changes... Hey Folks!!!   Just wanted to let you all know we made a few changes around here...  Take a gander at our menu bar, go ahead... See, we changed "Kids Corner" to "Family" just to include a little more about our personal lives here and hot just things that deal with our children.   We … [Read more...]

OILS: I’ve got some explaining to do…

Hey there! Okay, where should I begin… As I start this, my mind immediately goes to Ricky Ricardo, hand on hip, head cocked, giving a "Lucy… you got some explaining to do… " Ha! Ha! {and yes, in his voice!} So, I am not sure if any of you have noticed comments on my personal Facebook page or … [Read more...]

Valentine’s Day….


Okay, I know that today is supposed to be "Mission Monday" but I thought I might combine two things, Valentine's Day and being mission minded. Last year I threw my crew a Valentine's Party!  We have always had such a hard time finding a baby sitter on this "love day" so I thought why not … [Read more...]

DIY: will you be my valentine…


How cute are these little Valentine's that the kiddos made for their "Class Day"?  Super cute, huh?!   These are our little take on a few different ones we ran across on our favorite spot for inspiration...  Wanting to watch our moolah, I tried to think of the cheapest way to create a handmade … [Read more...]

changes ahead…


our coffee... there are changes ahead {hopefully}   i'm thinking less caffeine and less sugar. but, don't tell Andy!  {shhhh!} peace out, … [Read more...]

gluten-free and Jesus…

IMG_4124 2

So, about a year ago, I sat parked in front of my church finishing up a conversation with an old high school friend.  We had run into each other often over the years, but during this particular time in our lives lately, our paths just continued to cross...  We had an idea God was up to something. … [Read more...]

Old Fashion Beef Stew


I have come to realize that there are two types of cooks.  One that follows directions and one that does not.  I fall into the last category!  After posting a picture of the beef stew I made the other day on Facebook, I was bombarded with a recipe request.  Here’s the problem….there is no … [Read more...]