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it’s been a while…

What an opportunity Joy and I have here...  Such a neat little spot in this blogosphere to share our thoughts, ideas and most importantly ~ our faith.    There has been so many things that I have wanted to share, here.  I feel like my thoughts resemble that of a balloon attached to the end of a … [Read more...]



I had the opportunity to witness the most incredible sight at our church yesterday.  Our church has had a 4 week sermon series on baptism called "Immersed".  In this series the pastors discussed the in's and out's of baptism.  First step that was discussed was making a commitment to Christ, … [Read more...]

“Team Traditions”… they made the paper!

What a weekend!  So, I should probably begin with the beginning...  I was raised in the woods, the edge of dove fields, covered in camo, grinning ear to ear, learning of God's handiwork beside my mother and daddy.  Hunting has always been a part of my life and my daddy always made sure that … [Read more...]

HELP! Please help us bring Leanne Houston home!

So...  Mission Monday turned into TARDY Tuesday!   A lot has unfolded in the last 24 hours and hoping you all can help us out a bit.  I had a post for our Mission Monday and was eager and excited to share with you what all God had laid upon my heart.  BUT, something of greater importance has … [Read more...]

real freedom @ the beach…


Ever since Will could walk, he has brought me rocks of all shapes and sizes...  And from rocks, he brought me shells...  I have jars and jars full to the rim with the most beautiful rocks, shells and memories.  Soon after Will, Emma joined in and now following suit...  Josie brings me the small … [Read more...]

The Wellhouse is in a RACE…

Okay guys... you have heard me mention The Welhouse many times and how their presence has been life changing for me.  I have been utterly BLESSED to see God at work through this ministry FIRST HAND!  I can remember the moment when God showed me the complete circle of our efforts and it was almost … [Read more...]

Call To Prayer… IT was AWESOME!


Oh man, what a morning!!                   {Okay, so it is not the best pic! Not one face to be seen!  But, Hey!  It's a little visual!} Just still floating around on God's goodness!  This morning I had the opportunity to be a guest/prayer … [Read more...]

Mother’s Day… the BEST gift!


    I was thinking about Mother's Day...  How in the world can a child {a grown child} express how they truly feel for their mother in words on a card or with a handmade craft or for that matter in a single day?   Honestly, it's not possible.  Well, for me at least!  My mother is … [Read more...]

One year today…

DSC_0100 (2)

Where were you a year ago today?  My how one day, one event, one evening, changed lives forever.  When we came out of the basement and looked around, we had no idea the horror that lay just a mile beyond our home.  We couldn't have foreseen the things that we would see and hear about over the … [Read more...]

if i ever needed GRACE, it’s now…

The song... have you heard it?  It's in my head, it's been my prayer today.  Singing it...  Praying it... Praising Him ...   If I've ever needed grace, it's now...    Today, was one of those days where you wish you had a stash of "do-over" days hide in a mason jar back behind the … [Read more...]