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DIY bleach pen tees


Today's craft for the kiddos was really for me, but don't tell them! {shhhh!}  Of course, the kids loved it and had a blast coming up with their design for their t-shirts.     We took colored cotton t-shirts that you can find at your local craft store or at Wal-Mart.  I actually got mine in the … [Read more...]

Domestic Diva


I have no idea what has gotten into me lately but something started stirring in me.  The need to make stuff!  The need to feel domestic!  The need to....go to my roots! I blame this all on Pinterest :-D So I made the decision a few weeks ago to make a list of the things that I can make by … [Read more...]

Instagram Picture Collage via Prinstagram! AWESOMENESS!

Instagram DIY

Okay, last week I showed you these neat little things we ordered from Printstagram.  We needed a good way to display them and possibly even change them out over time {with new ones we have already ordered... yay!}   So, remember these...   Well, as soon as they arrived I was dreaming of … [Read more...]

Entertaining on Dollars!


Every year, I get so excited with the season of Easter just around the corner.  What it means to me, my faith... it is a very awakening time of year for me.   A time of remembrance...   A time of worship...   A time of praise...   A time of thankfulness...  To wrap it up, it is a time of … [Read more...]

Instagram Pictures


Okay... I don't know about you guys, but I am hooked on Instagram!  It is just the coolest way to style your pics and share them with family and friends and even complete strangers!  Ha!   You might remember a while back, I wrote about the cool magnets I found via Pinterest and shared them with … [Read more...]

Dog Hair, Dog Hair Everywhere!


Natalie and I are both dog lovers!  We are each proud owners of labs that started out as our husbands hunting companions but quickly became part of our families.  However, the dog hair that accompanies these companions can leave a person a little flustered!  Natalie even has a coffee mug that … [Read more...]

Tornado Survival

Growing up deep in the heart of Alabama tornado warnings were something just to expect.  The sound of warning sirens became the norm and something that people began to shrug off....that was until  April 8th, 1998.  That day an EF-5 touched down in the suburbs of Birmingham and stayed on the … [Read more...]

My take on Refined Country…


 So, I thought I would share my idea of Refined Country...  There is probably a better, maybe even fancier term for what I love when it comes to decorating.  But, if I had to choose a word {or two words}...  It would be refined country.  I like things comfortable.  I like things nice.  I like … [Read more...]

How I re-covered My Cornice Board


We lived here in this house for six years now and it has taken me that long to finally re-cover the Cornice board in our office.  I was never fond of the fabric choice from the previous owners, but it looked fine and matched everything so I left it be.  Until now.... I got a wild hair last week … [Read more...]

My take on Country Cottage Bedroom…

Well, just recently I was asked for a few tips on a bedroom redo and thought I would share some inspiring pics.   The players...  a white shutter style headboard,  possible red wingback, and beige colored walls.  She wanted a country cottage, shabby chic look for the new revamped room. She … [Read more...]