Valentine’s Day….

Okay, I know that today is supposed to be “Mission Monday” but I thought I might combine two things, Valentine’s Day and being mission minded.

Last year I threw my crew a Valentine’s Party!  We have always had such a hard time finding a baby sitter on this “love day” so I thought why not celebrate at home with the kids!  I hung streamers (which you cannot see in the picture) and other little hanging hearts.  I decorated the table with candles and sprinkled Valentine themed M & M’s and Hersey kisses all around. I found heart-shaped plates at the $1 corner at Target!  Then I cooked their favorite shrimp and steak with a side of brownies, cookies and strawberries!!!  :-D   They L♥ved it!!!!  They loved it so much that they have begged for another Valentine’s party this year!  Which makes me happy, happy, happy that I had made them feel so special!1-DSC_0099

This year however, I am adding a twist! 

Instead of store-bought cards we are going to hand make our cards for each other.  Also, instead of buying gifts for each other we are going to do “One Act of Love” for another person.  My goal is to help my kids get the focus off of themselves and onto others.  What a perfect day for “an act of love”!  A true day of L♥VE, putting others before yourself! 

My challenge to you all for this Valentine’s day is the exact same I have given to my kids.  Give an act of service or a gift of love this Valentine’s day.  It could be doing the dishes for your spouse, paying for a strangers lunch, helping someone with their groceries, the possibilities are endless! 

Natalie and I would love to hear about your acts of service/gifts of love, if you choose to participate!  You can leave your comments here or on our Facebook page!  WE ARE ROOTED

I will write a follow-up post next week to let everyone know the different acts of love that we encountered!  Until then……

Happy Valentine’s Day!!!!


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