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OILS: I’ve got some explaining to do…

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Hey there! Okay, where should I begin… As I start this, my mind immediately goes to Ricky Ricardo, hand on hip, head cocked, giving a “Lucy… you got some explaining to do… ” Ha! Ha! {and yes, in his voice!}
So, I am not sure if any of you have noticed comments on my personal Facebook page or just heard my blabbing lately about all this oil stuff… If you have, I thought I would do a little explaining and well, if you haven’t, here goes…

God has really been doing a number on me the past few years… like really just working me over! It all kinda happened about the time I decided to truly seek Him in a way I had never before. I was hungry for His word and obedient and in turn He has completely changed me. When we truly seek him, He gives us revelation knowledge. His word says, whoever has ears let them hear… I am in awe of Him everyday and as He draws me near His word speaks in ways I never knew possible. There is just no turning back! I am filled with Joy and my cup overfloweth! And with all of this at the very same time, my spirit is burdened for those who need Him and more of Him. I am just so in love and He has been so BIG in my life, I just want to share with everyone! I want everyone to feel the way I feel! {sorry, I can’t help but get sappy…} He just craves to have us near! I know this journey, this joy, this burden… He is preparing me… Preparing my family… There is no doubt in my mind the people He has placed in my life from Day One has been part of His plan… Sadly, just in the last few years ~ have taken notice! I am aware… maybe it is just that no my relationship is different, real, better.. My spirit just knows. I tell you it is a heck-of-a-ride, like no adventure I have ever been on!

Back in November, I had a conversation with an old friend about oils and medicine and some other crazy stuff… But, it was something that just hit me and I just couldn’t ignore… I didn’t say much about it with my family and friends… It was a-little-different-kinda-stuff, a-little-out-there and well they always think I am crazy and have too many irons in the fire anyway… And of course, my response to that… yes, I am crazy and well, I NEED a BIGGER fire! {big grin!} So, I just kinda put it to the side and said I would come back to it later. But the thought, the idea was never far from my head.
In all this that God and I were going through these past few years I have just felt this URGENCY to reach out, help, tell as many as I could just how awesome my Lord really is!

After meeting some amazing women {yes, MORE… He just keeps on sending them! ~ thank you Monique!} it was apparent that they too had this sense… in their spirit. And really, it was all described/explained a little different, but no doubt it was very much the same. They CRAVED more of HIM! So here again I sit surrounded by people I have no doubt were divinely placed in my life and God was completely the force that had drawn us together. {honestly, I should write a book…}

Now, I was completely happy living my life the way I was living (physically speaking)… and really had no thought or desire to change. Well, let me back up… Yes, there were a couple of reasons I considered the whole oil/alternative medicine thing but one real reasons in particular that had made me think twice about all of this oil business…

Thanksgiving I became very sick with two strands of the flu and pneumonia. I felt horrible! I was really sick, like so sick I called my mother-n-law and moaned, “I think I need to go to the ER…” Well, two minutes later she was hovering over me and well, she would agree… I WAS sick! IT was her that immediately pulled up side effects to all of the medicine they had given me {she’s super smart like that} I hurt so bad, there was no way to even raise up to get to the doctor. I quit the medicine I had received from the doc-in-the-box {NOTHING against doc-in-the-box} and finally felt well enough the next day to head BACK to the doc-in-a-box. There I was again and was given more medicine orally and internally that was suppose to be not as strong as the previous medicine that had made me extremely sick. I never ever questioned what they were giving me the first time and really not even the second… I just assumed it was what I needed and would make me better ~ quick! I was sick and extremely sad, I had missed Thanksgiving {a really special time that I look forward to all year long} with my family! Long story short… I got really sick with the flu and pneumonia, I took some really strong medicine that made me extremely sick, I missed Thanksgiving, spent the whole holiday laying in the bed unable to move. The medicine was too much for me and I had all the side effects that normally people don’t get… I thought I was dying, like something was seriously wrong! AS soon as I got off the medicine, I begin to slowly get better, thankfully! Anyhoo, it made me think about what we really put in our bodies without even questioning or researching for ourselves. Days after all of this, Monique calls wanting to share something with me…

So, that along with other reasons… Again, health issues in my life have made me more aware in desiring to take care of myself. Making a healthy body for what ever God has in store. I want to take care of myself so I can take care of my family.

These girls have definitely got my attention! What drew me first was their love and passion for our Lord… they were on fire and like me hungered for more of Him! Either way, I knew I couldn’t go wrong with these gals! Come to find out, they are pretty smart and very interested in living a better life spiritually and physically!

So, my thought on the whole oil thing… I don’t know… Like I mentioned above, when you seek Him with your whole heart, really surrender your life to Him… He changes you. Period. And, I am not saying this boastfully, but YES I say it boasting in HIM, HE HAS CHANGED ME. I say it, because it could only be HIM! My journey, where I have been, He has carried me and continues to… He leads me. The need or maybe the feeling to really take care of my family, spiritually and physically has been placed heavy on my heart. For some time now I have studied the Proverbial woman. Man, what a woman! I just want to do all I can to lead my family as the Proverbial Woman lead her family. I thank God everyday that I have an amazing godly husband who has a desire to seek Christ more and more with everyday. That he wants to lead us towards Christ and that he loves me and together we want to raise godly children who will grow up to be health spiritually and physically. This by far is the toughest job we will ever have as spouses and parents… BUT, with God ALL things are possible!

My sweet husband loves me and I know He loves my heart for Christ. So, when I started talking all this oil and clean living and eating jive… he listened!

All through the Bible you can read how oil was used to anoint and heal. It is still used today and for me it is powerful act of faith. And I will tell you I am a firm believer in the power of anointing oil and healing in His Name! God has given my family peace and assurance through amazing godly friends and anointing oil.

If you don’t know this about me, please know that I am COMPLETELY SOLD OUT for my Lord, completely! This has changed EVERYTHING… spiritually, physically and mentally!

Now, I am by no means saying that I am anti-doctor!!! We LOVE our doctors, love them! As a matter of fact I have told countless people countless times the story of my sweet doctor, I know without a doubt, God put Him in the ER for me that particular night over 9 years ago. He has been so good to me and Andy… we even joke and remind him that we got pregnant with Emma and Josie because we missed him and just wanted to hang-out! I have converted several women to this man! He is just gold! I trust him and he has taken very good care of me. In fact, I will be seeing him again soon… And my sweet pediatric doctor has been just as good to my children! But, I am that kinda girl, who will grab a couple of goodies or 4 advil the minute I feel a headache coming on… and not think twice to take more when it hasn’t gone away quick enough. I just feel the need to slow down a bit and make things a little more simple… Maybe actually fix the problem instead of masking it with all of this other stuff. Maybe, see if my diet is a factor… Maybe, rest instead of continuing to beat the pavement… Pray and annoint, asking for healing, believing and recieving…

I would never neglect my kiddos or myself to get the care we needed… I just am gonna think twice before a grab a bottle of headache medicine. like my friend Monique said, it is just baby steps! And so far, the baby steps feel really good!

Right now, as a family we are using the Lavender… at night I place a couple of drops on little rags I cut and placed them in their pillows. I don’t know but all the kids were out not long after they hit the sack and thankfully slept through the night! The girls and I have placed a drop of Lavender in our hands, cupped it over our nose and breathed it in several times. I have had a stopped up nose and stuffy head and this has really been nice, opening up my sinuses. I choose to not take anything for my sinuses, since the good OTC stuff is now behind the counter! Instead, I have applied the lavender topically throughout the day ridding myself of a headache and continuing to open my head! I love the smell! LOVE it!

Another story, before I go… Sorry, I always feel like I have to explain! It’s just in me! BUT, Andy has had terrible pain in his elbow on the inside. I had mentioned before about applying the oils of he was interested in trying… Well, last night he asked if I had anything that I could apply to his elbow. He said to give it a minute, it was really starting to flair up and then I could apply some oil! I jumped up like a crazy woman and grabbed my little bag and my Mac… Googled what was best and was thrilled I actually had the oil that was suggested, Balsam Fir! I mixed it with a little carrier oil {I used extra virgin olive oil} and rubbed it all over his elbow. Prayed over the oil and asked God for healing! About ten minutes passed and I asked him how it was… He said, I don’t know… but the pain is completely gone! Yoohoo!! I was thrilled! I have continued to apply the Balsam Fir to Andy’s elbow throughout the day today and will continue to do so… We were very busy and very active today, playing in the country and on LaKristin’s {my sister-n-law} family farm. There were times today that he noticed the pain had let up and then there were times it had continued to bother him. I will keep you posted on how he is doing with the Balsam Fir! I am believing he will get relief and we will not have to resort to “man-made-medicine”, as Will calls it!! lol!! My family thinks I am crazy, but they love me!! {thank God!!} I would really like to not run to chemical drugs every time we aren’t feeling our best. I would like to be more aware of what my family and I are putting into our bodies!

So, there you go… that’s my story and I’m sticking to it! lol!!!

Would love for you to join me in these “baby steps”!! If you have any questions, please message me or email or leave us a comment here! I’ll be sharing more about the oils and why my family is going down this path… Why and how what we put in our bodies effects everything! It’s gonna be interesting! When The Lord is involved, it is ALWAYS interesting!

I am placing my second order this month, actually in a couple of days… I am excited to try Thieves and Lemon this month!! If you would like to give it a try at the distributor price I pay, just let me know… I will be glad to add you to my order! If you would like to learn more and are the slightest bit interested, I suggest you mosie on over to Granola Convert… she is full of information and del just hilarious to follow her journey down this road! I am learning LOTS!! And it is ALL good!! And frankly, godly… I just don’t do anything anymore unless He is in the center!

Peace out!


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