How Do You Study Your Bible?

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About a month ago I was contacted by my church and asked if our family would mind doing a little video for a sermon series we were in called “Truth Reveled”.  Basically it was all about the Bible!  A walk through the Bible, explaining it and how to study it. 

The video we were asked to help in was just showing a few different ways that people study the Bible.  I shared on here a post called “Writing on the Wall” where I explained something we do a little different.  We write on our shower wall prayer request and Bible verses.  This was something that interested the church and one of the reasons we were asked.  Something else we were asked to share is how we study the Bible with our kids.  Most nights (notice I said most because we are not perfect and miss nights….) Jesse reads the Bible with our boys while I read a toddler Bible with our daughter who is three.  We then pray together as a family.  This has really impacted our family and made for some really cool moments!  Here are just a few post that show the impact of praying and studying God’s word can have on your kids!

  1. Being Bold
  2. The Reds Salvation Story

Without further ado, here is the video called “How Do You Study Your Bible”.  We are the second scene. 

 ”How Do You Study Your Bible”


It’s never to late to start family devotion time with your kids. This is so important!  It teaches them to get in God’s word, trust God, pray to God, and it also helps you!  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been challenged by one of my kids questions that had me running to the Bible to find the answers for them!

I want to encourage each of you to take a moment tonight when you tuck your kids in and pray with them! 

Love you all so very much!!!!




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