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gluten-free and Jesus…

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So, about a year ago, I sat parked in front of my church finishing up a conversation with an old high school friend.  We had run into each other often over the years, but during this particular time in our lives lately, our paths just continued to cross…  We had an idea God was up to something.  As we ended the phone call, Monique again stressed that she just had this idea…  a network…  a group of women…  bloggers…  connecting…  helping one another…  supporting one another…  all the while for the sake of Christ!  It was a great thought!  

Fast forward to now…  Last month Monique asked me to join her at the bookstore…  She was just having a fit to join some of  her friends together for a little pow-wow.  I believe she referred to us as the oil friend, the cookbook friend and the goat friend…  So, I met my old friend Monique and two amazing new godly women I am just in awe over…  And well, you can only imagine our conversations!  I don’t know if they noticed or not…  but this one man sat down with his coffee and book and I believe he was still there three hours later!   So funny!!  And yes, as we talked about our passions, our struggles, our health, our desires, our families and our love for Jesus and His amazing love for us…  we managed to let FOUR hours slip right by completely unaware…  we just hated for the time to end!  

IMG_4124 2My one regret…  well two, ha!  We had to end such crazy awesome conversation…  and that I experienced this conversation all by myself…  Joy and my precious other friends weren’t there!  Sooooooo, I hope here I can share some of the goodness I take away from these ladies  and even better…  introduce you to these amazing gals!  You can find Anna here…  Kelli here…  and Monique here!  I am not kidding when I say that you are gonna want to get to know these girls!!  What are you waiting on?!  Go!  NO!  Wait…  finish here first, please!  {wink}

When we left we promised each other that we would get together soon very soon…  and I was chomping at the bits for more time with these girls! 

Well, yesterday we got together again for a little brunch and more great conversation!  Oh, yes!  Anna just recently released her first cookbook This Is How We Eat!  And I am telling you ~ this girl is just opening up my eyes to sooooooo much!  She is super smart and so talented!  And she was so sweet to just whip-up {and yes, I mean she liked got up, got her house together, got ready, got her kids ready and COOKED all this A-MAZING food for us…all by 10:00!  Yeah, I know!  I had no idea for the treat I was in for…   

First I saw this…

thisishowweeat2.jpgYES!  That is homemade bread…  Well, actually homemade, gluten-free, grain free bread and it was JUST DELICIOUS!  Really!  I am so making this for my family!

And then this…


To smoother over this…


I should have said, “these”…  because there was no way I was just eating one!  And really, I could have eaten the whole bowl of that fluff stuff!!  IT was out of this world and all of this…  super healthy…  super good for you!  Crazy!  I never thought I would eat food like this…  and actually love it!!  Like I mentioned earlier, Anna is super smart about all of this food…  Just listening to her and Kelli talk about adding this and substituting that to get a particular consistency while avoiding  particular unhealthy ingredients…  I’ll admit~ it was totally over my head!  But I do believe these girls are on to something…  I am sure paying a little more attention to what I put in my body!   My hope is to get my family moving towards this healthier way of eating.  Wish me luck…  My family hides Swiss Cake Rolls, so you can imagine I have  a few challenges ahead to get my family on the clean eating track.  Actually, it will be like a huge vessel roaring down the river with the current and turning it completely around and hoping to head up river…  it’s gonna be tough!  But, I know… worth it!

The full picture…  


Pretty fabulous, huh?!  And yes, I ate the sprouts!  

And while we chatted again, about  food, our faith, the future…  oh yeah, and oils…  these little girls I believe had just as much fun as we did the first time we met! 


Emma Mae walked away with some new sweet friendships and I listened as they giggled planning their next get-together…  just like their mommas had done!  

It was an awesome day!  Company was perfect, food out of this world {I tried to be lady like and not gorge myself on her wonderful food!}  and I felt super pumped I had just experienced healthy, clean food and LOVED it!  There is hope for The Elrod’s and their eating habits!

Oh and if you were wondering…  Emma Mae LOVED everything, even the chicken salad!  She cleaned her plate!  And for Josie…  she was all about the chocolate brownies/cakes and strawberries!  And…  Anna won her over!  {smile}


Anna and Josie having a serious conversation about chocolate!

Well, again I left these awesome ladies wanting more!  I realized I have a lot to learn about all this clean living and I can’t wait!  You should check out her cookbook and give some of these recipes a try…  The chocolates goodies are not in her cookbook, she had just whipped up something chocolatey…  Cause you know,  we needed chocolate!?!?  Who does that!?!?  

Anyhoo, hopefully she will be sharing her recipe with all of us soon…  You can always find her here on Facebook and “Like” her page…  you never now what she is gonna throw out there!

Okay hope you all have a great weekend! Oh, where’s Joy?!  She’s out playing in the snow!!  Or, washing loads of clothes that snow somehow seems to produce like CRAZY!

Peace out,



And about that little conversation Monique and I had a year or so ago?!?!  {remember, I am TERRIBLE with time}  About women…  blogging…  being relevant for Christ…  network…  supporting…  encouraging…   YEAH!  Did I introduce you yet to Anna, Kelli and Monique…  CRAAAZY!


6 comments on “gluten-free and Jesus…

  1. Monique on said:

    Shoot. I wasn’t lady like with my eating then. I had seconds and thirds. Mmmmm.

    • Hahaha! It was a lot of fun and I really was a little surprised the food was so delicious! I think i had this idea it would just so bland and dry!! I was wrong!

  2. AnnaWight on said:

    I had so much fun, once again!!!! love that little Josie!!! Thank you so much:)

    • Anna! Your food was fabulous and I am hoping we all get on this clean eating/living train!! And you were so sweet opening your home and loving on my girls!! Thanks again! Joy has got to try out some of your recipes!

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