Clean Living Recipes… {it’s good}

Good Morning!!!  Well, you might remember recently that I shared with you my  little brunch with my friends Kelli, Anna and Monique…  If you missed it, you can catch it here!  I shared how awesome and delicious the HEALTHY food was that Anna made for all of us to enjoy.  There were a couple of the items, like her bread, which are featured in her new cookbook, This Is How We Eat.  But, she recently shared on her blog the brownies and this-crazy-good-out-of-this-world-no-noodle-noodle-soup!  


{thanks Granola Convert for the photo… I ate mine before i could snap a pic!}

{I do believe she had a real name for this…  but whatever it was… it was healthy… AND it was soooo good!}

Anyhoo…  if you are looking for a healthy  and super special meal to fix today or this weekend {soup will be perfect for the cold weather heading our way!}  You can head over here to read all about her take on our little lunch date and the groovy recipes she so gladly shared!  

Are you still here…


Peace out! AND try the no-noodle-noodle-soup, it’s good, really good!

One more thing…  who took Joy up on her challenge for today?!  Me and my bunch are all on it…  I kept hinting that doing an act of kindness would be like doing the dishes for Momma or Washing-Folding and Putting Up a load of clothes…  I am hoping they got the hint!

Have a blessed and wonderful day and remember with all this “love” talk floating around, one thing is certain…  HIS love is PERFECT!



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