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Word Warriors: hiding His word…

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Good Morning!  Well, I’m gonna try to get all the stuff out of my head and onto this post and at the same time not get long-winded and not confuse you with all my different stories… 

{yes, I know ~  but hang in there with me!}

FIRST, let me say this… living for Christ has been NOTHING short of the GRANDEST adventure!  If you are wanting something more, something truly satisfying ~ choose HIM, today!

I am flooded with thoughts that I really want to share with you all this morning!  So many times God puts stuff on my heart to share and I often fail getting it down on paper and shortly after, I allow myself to get consumed with life.  But not this morning!

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Hopefully by now, you know a little bit about Joy and I and our history…  two girls raised {really, born}  in a little southern Nazarene church…  So, I was one of those stories where, I just believed I was born a Christian… LOL!  Funny, I know…  Well, atleast to some!  There might be a few of you saying, “What is so funny about that…  I was born as a christian too!”   That last statement deserves it’s on post…  So, for now, let’s move on…  

A little more history for those that didn’t know…  For me, all this blogging stuff really started in my sunday school class {yes, in the same little southern Nazarene church} sometime around 2009.  But know, I am TERRIBLE with time and dates…  my brain gets all wishy-washy when I start trying to figure out a time-line.  I blame it on my youth…  {thank God for Grace!}  Okay… back to the story!  A statement was made during our class, due to the particular times we are in and likely headed towards…  What if one day, we didn’t have access to the Bible?!  For the next couple of weeks, this thought consumed me, literally!  Man, did the Holy Spirit start doing a number on me!

If you would like to read more of that email…  you can find it here.

 {and praise God, hasn’t stopped!}

With this thought was born the idea of encouraging my family and very close friends to learn scripture, memorize it, HIDE IT IN OUR HEARTS!  A desire was flamed that day to truly be a Word Warrior.  From there, the emails went out…  Then one day sitting in a service, the Holy Spirit used the words of the pastor to continue a work HE had started…  That evening, I shared another verse that I feel God had placed upon my heart…  but this time, I sent it out to my ENTIRE CONTACT LIST… this was completely MAJOR for me!  It was here I really started paying attention to what He was trying to teach me about OBEDIENCE.

Excuse me…  Let me interrupt this post with a message from my Momma…  First email went out on 2-24-09 at 4:25 p.m.!  How’s that for keeping up with your kiddos!  {thanks Momma!}

Fast forward a bit {like three years later!} and see what God is continuing to do with Word Warriors!  From sharing a verse with a handful of family and friends to three gals encouraging women all over the United States…  to be a Word Warrior, AND boldly wear HIS word, spreading His AWESOME message!  WOW!  Thank you Lord!!!  And please never doubt ~ it is ALL God!  And man how blessed I am that my precious husband and kiddos have been right by my side through the journey.  It has  been crazy wild, horribly scary, totally uncertain, but completely confident it is HIS ride!

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With all that being said…  Joy and I have been encouraged to return a bit to our roots and share His word EVERY Wednesday, and encourage you to be a Word Warrior and HIDE His WORD in your heart!!!  And in the meantime, we are  THANKING Him for this opportunity to share with you all our love and desire to live for Him!

So, this week…

James 4:7

New International Version (NIV)

Submit yourselves, then, to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.

Easy…  Simple… POWERFUL!  

We encourage you to Hide It In Your Heart!!





one more thing…  stay tuned for two great stories…  

one, I’ll try to wait until tomorrow {want to introduce some more amazing Word Warriors God placed in my path!}  Soooo excited to see where God is taking this new friendship!

the other…  Joy’s church is coming out today to make a little video on alternative ways to teach your kiddos about the Bible…  this should be a great story!!  And hey!!!  Thanking God for this opportunity for her!




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  2. Monique on said:

    LOVE this. LOVE this. LOVE this. So glad we are friends.

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