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it takes Big faith…

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Eighteen years ago today…

The events of that day are burned to memory or should I say etched upon my heart.  I sit here overwhelmed with emotion and pure Love for my Lord.  I have always loved Him, really I have.  I would go as far as saying I have always lived for Him.  Though, my life is completely and utterly changed because two years ago, I surrendered my life to Him.  On a beautiful small stretch of windy road ~ every morning ~ I prayed for Him to change me, to show me more, to give me opportunities to serve Him, to make my marriage what He had intended it to be, to extend my territory, to search me, show me, to grow me…  Every morning.  At the same curve in the road, like clock work ~ we showed up for our morning pow-wow. For the longest, He just listened.  I tend to talk.  Sometimes too much. And it probably seemed so repetitive.  But I knew there was more.  Each morning I reminded Him I wasn’t messing around…  

You know, He is too much.  He is just too much to understand sometimes, to comprehend His power, His plans.

I shared a devotion with some precious ladies the other evening…  See God has been answering those prayers.  Apparently, He was listening to the repetitive words that He heard over and over again each morning.  He has been so BIG, so mighty…  

In college, I had this amazing professor…  I loved her!  She was beautiful, red-headed and just full of life when she taught.  Her class was probably the most difficult class I had ever taken.  She just had all this knowledge, all this stuff that she just wanted to share with everyone, but {for me} she had the hardest time getting what was in her head out of her mouth.  It’s like she just couldn’t filter it down enough…  It was so difficult to grasp all her passion and love for her subject.  

I’ve struggled with my own little filtration system.  How do I even begin to explain to you what my God has done for me over these last couple of years.  How can I share with you all the passion and the love that I feel for my Lord.  I stumbled across the wonderful words by Gloria Gaither about the story of Lot and his wife and how they lacked BIG faith in a BIG God!!

The devotion I shared…

The story of Lot and his wife…  

“…small little man, small dreams, small outlook, small aspirations, small faith, and  small vision.”  

His wife shared his same small mind and instead of looking toward the mountains, listening to the angel,  his wife looked back and turned to salt.  

“How like small minds and spirits to take the very flavor God commanded that we sprinkle into the world (Matthew 5:13) from the perspective of the heights and turn it into some legalistic, unbending monument to the death of the spirit.  Like Lot’s wife, many religious bodies stand like tombstones of salt in the lowlands of life with the  ecclesiastical epitaph Zoar.  Small minds, small dreams, small men and women, small visions.  Solidified salt in the shadow of the mountain where bushes burn and voices thunder and the finger of God carves in granite the directions to freedom.”

Eighteen  years and one day ago, I am not quite sure how big my mind was or  how big my spirit was…  I thank God for the day that followed.  I thank God for showing me through His word and through his Holy Spirit how to have a BIG mind, BIG faith and a BIG spirit.  

As God listened to me those early mornings~ He knew what I was asking.  He knew what I needed.  On that windy stretch of road, He continued a work He had already begun and prepared me for the answers to my prayers.  He began to change me, show me more, give me opportunities, strengthen and deepen a marriage, extend my territory, search me, show me, grow me…  

That last sentence of the devotion just rocks my world…  Because I have seen the burning bush on the mountain, I have heard the thundering  voice and through His Holy Spirit I have seen the finger of God showing me the way to freedom.  

Please know we serve  a MIGHTY God.  There was a time in my life where I too was small-minded, small faith ~ but He wanted me to know more.  I wanted more of Him.  Truly, truly I have seen Romans 8:28!!  And the closer I am to Him, the more I can look back and see Romans 8:28 eighteen years ago…   

How can we continue to have small minds and small spirits when Our GOD is so BIG!  Let Him move in you today allowing His Spirit to show you just how BIG He wants to be in your life!

Today, I celebrate the healing and restoration of a precious man.  My Daddy chose not to live in the shadows of the mountains…  He chose to be BIG, have BIG faith and a big spirit.  He too chose to be the salt and the light.  Romans 8:28…

When it comes to God, think BIG!


One comment on “it takes Big faith…

  1. Gloria Kirkpatrick on said:

    What an encouragement that is to me to never, never give up on my precious son. Thank you for sharing your story. I love you and your family so much.

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