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Give{in}away LOVE: “be HIS light” leather cuff

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Well, this is a “Tardy Tuesday” for “Mission Monday”…  

Monday’s are crazy wild and packed full of awesomeness all day long!  I had intended for our “Mission Monday” to have actually been written and posted on MONDAY!  But, anywho…  

Some of you might have read this post about our new beautiful leather cuffs that the oh-so-talented-team of Designs by R& R custom made for Joy, Emma and myself.  We LOVE them!!!  They are beautiful and Emma and I were lucky enough to be able to actually make ours with Roger and Renae.  It was an awesome day and honestly, I could hang out with them every week.  It is super fun to be surrounded by beautiful things and creative folks…  gets the juices flowing!  Roger and Renae have been crafting one of a kind pieces for a long time now and their work just keeps getting better and better. I’m lucky enough to have several pieces they have made AND today want to share with TWO of you guys!!!  What?!  Yes, WE DO!!!  We want two of you guys to have one of these super-awesome-fabulous-beautiful-custom-made leather cuffs!!!  

I also want to tell you a few new things about The Wellhouse…  Tajuan and Alexa just got back from the Not For Sale’s Global Forum and they are just overflowing with new knowledge and ideas to help stop human trafficking.  For those that don’t know The Wellhouse is making an impact for His Kingdom and I am blessed to have front row seats to all of God’s goodness with this ministry.  You can stay connected and keep up with what all God is doing by following them on Facebook  and subscribing to their You Tube page.  Tajuan and Alexa have been getting a little crazy and it’s all getting video taped!  These two are vlogging and it’s gonna be great!  I can’t wait to watch the adventures they go on and learn even more about the ministry.  By vlogging, we really get an inside eye at the difference this ministry is making.  

Also, if you are in my area, you are gonna want to mark your calendars for November 17th ~ that is a Saturday and it’s gonna be fun for the whole family!  What is it…  well for right now ~ it’s a surprise!  I know, I LOVE surprises!!!   

Yesterday, Special Ops had the honor of telling SIX men about our Lord and Savior and leading them to Christ!  Can I get an AMEN?!  YES!  Amazing day for the Lord!!  One young man was beaming as we walked away…  on that over cast day, he said it felt like the sun had come out!  Truly the SON was shining!  

OKAY…  now to the giveaway, which Joy and I have dubbed  ”give{in}away LOVE”!!  Today, we are givin’ away some Roger and Renae love!!  

TWO people will be randomly picked by to win a beautiful leather cuff from Designs by R & R.  The leather cuff will be custom made to fit you with the cross and “be HIS light” stamped across the cross.  I am so excited that we are able to be giving these away!  Designs by R & R also have a heart for The Wellhouse!  Their daughter, Natalie {my name sake}, designed and made some beautiful necklaces to raise money for The Wellhouse.  So, they are just as thrilled as I am to team up and bring a little awareness to this ministry!  {thanks Roger & Renae & Natalie}  So, all you gotta do to enter your name for a chance to win… simple do 1,2,3, & 4 below…

1~ “Like” Designs by R&R’s Facebook page.  

2~ “Like” The Wellhouse’s Facebook page.

3~ “Like” We Are Rooted’s Facebook page.

4~ “Subscribe” to The Wellhouse’s You Tube page.

Once you have done ALL four things, please come back and leave us a comment telling us you did so!!  And, that’s it!!  Your name is in the hat!!  {names are drawn by}   And HEY, if you have already liked these and subscribed ~ Wonderful!!  Thank you!!  But, please leave us a comment letting us know you have!!  Thanks!!

Winner will be drawn Friday morning!!  Good luck!!  PASS along to your friends and we thank you for your support!


Joy and Nat

15 comments on “Give{in}away LOVE: “be HIS light” leather cuff

  1. Aubrey on said:

    Liked all & subscribed!

  2. Leigh Ann on said:

    Liked all and subscribed :)

  3. Wynell on said:

    I have completed all 4…..I really want to win the braclet!! :)

  4. Lily Johnson on said:

    Liked all & subscribed! I really hope I win!!

  5. Andrew Johnson on said:

    Liked all & subscribed… Aubrey made me do it ;)

  6. Tajuan McCarty on said:

    ummmmm…I have liked all for a long time! Not sure who will win….but CONGRATULATIONS in advance! Thank you Natalie and Joy for supporting The WellHouse! I love you guys!

  7. Tanya Hudson on said:

    Liked all and subscribed!

  8. Alexa james on said:

    Nat I love you guys! Thank you for all you do!

  9. Alice Knight on said:

    Done all four :) Great work you guys are doing! Thank you!

  10. Jennifer Bauer on said:

    Did all four!!

  11. Kim Harris on said:

    Liked All and Subscribed!!

  12. Carrie Copeland on said:

    DONE!! The YouTube subscriptions is under my business name, Neblett’s Frame Outlet, but it’s still me!! SO pumped to be a part of what God is doing in all of our lives! Thankful to know some of these women and can’t wait to get to know more. LOVE your heart for GOD!!!

  13. Shannon on said:

    Done, been done, done, been done… :)

  14. Jessica Steed Wood on said:

    All done!

  15. Ashley Covin on said:

    I liked it all and subscribed! Love all that y’all do!

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