DIY: southern weddings and butter…



Earlier this year, my baby brother married the love of his life…

Happy and just so stinking precious!  {Just the idea of Caleb old enough to be married makes Joy and I feel a liiiiiittle old}  

This past year was an exciting time in all of our lives and I had the honor to have a little hand in all the celebrations {which gave me front row to some wonderful memories}.  Since the wedding, I haven’t had an opportunity to share some of the awesomeness of their wedding.  So, over the next few  weeks, I’ll be sharing some of the little things we did to make it all southern and  homemade!  If any of you know me…  then you would know that I would move the sun and the moon for my baby brother ~ I just think he’s ALL that!  So, all the craziness, long nights, messy kitchens, painted kids and tons of DIY’s was worth every minute!

Caleb wanted to have the rehearsal dinner at my home in our back yard.  He wanted it simple and southern and fun!  We planned a great menu {which I’ll be sharing more really good recipes} with some super delicious food.  One of my favorites of the night…  the butter!  Joy and I love good food…  And with good food, there is yummy BUTTER!  This was an easy way to make the ole’ bread & butter a little extra special…   

I served the herbed butter in small mason jars and it looked super cute in all the bread baskets.  

I’ll tell you a little secret…  this butter is fabulous.  BUT, you know I love this stuff called Jane’s Krazy Mixed-Up Salt.  IF, you were in a pinch and wanted to look super fancy and appear to have slaved away in your kitchen while wiping sweat with you beautiful old apron…  Mix the 8 tbsp. of softened butter with 1 tbsp. of Jane’s Krazy Mixed-Up Salt and you’ve got some really good butter!  So, there you go…  butter with fresh ingredients and butter with spices from the pantry!  Either way ~ yummy!  Serve with some really warm bread and you will have them asking for more!





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