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Thy Kingdom Come

Over the past few weeks my church (Northeast Christian Church) has been in a  sermon series called "Kingdom Come".  Essentially the gist was really understanding the meaning of the first few lines in The Lord's Prayer.   We keyed in on "Thy Kingdom Come".  Generally we graze over this … [Read more...]

Word Warrior shirts!!!


Oh my word...  I can not begin to tell you all how excited we are about our new Word Warrior shirts AND the response we have had from everyone!!!  We are just blown away with the comments, messages and orders we have had for all of our Word Warrior shirts.  IT has been just too fun sharing our … [Read more...]

Light a Candle and be Radiant


Natalie wrote a few weeks ago that we had something cooking!  Something that we committed six weeks of prayer to.  Something that we felt like God was calling us to do to help support our missions. Well, today I would like to show you what we've been up to! Take a look at what we are selling!  … [Read more...]

And the winner is…

{drum roll...}   CARRIE McCARTY COPELAND {yeah!!!  yahoooo!  woooooo!  BIG smile!!} ASHLEY COVIN {yes!!!  I'm so happy!!!  you needed a surprise!!!  yay!}   I couldn't be more excite or happy for you to awesome girls to get one of these beautiful bracelets!!!  Send me your emails … [Read more...]

Give{in}away LOVE: “be HIS light” leather cuff


Well, this is a "Tardy Tuesday" for "Mission Monday"...   Monday's are crazy wild and packed full of awesomeness all day long!  I had intended for our "Mission Monday" to have actually been written and posted on MONDAY!  But, anywho...   Some of you might have read this post about our new … [Read more...]

DIY: southern weddings and butter…

caleb & lakristin

    Earlier this year, my baby brother married the love of his life... Happy and just so stinking precious!  {Just the idea of Caleb old enough to be married makes Joy and I feel a liiiiiittle old}   This past year was an exciting time in all of our lives and I had the honor to … [Read more...]