A few years ago Natalie introduced me to the world of aprons. 

 Oh yes, aprons…the things you saw your Grandma wear.  The styleless frock that covered her dress while cooking and covered every cookbook in the 1950′s.  It is a thing of the past! 

  I was a bit surprised to get this gift from Natalie, but at the same time thrilled beyond belief.  I had never been an apron wearing type of cook, but the one she bought me was cute as a button.  From that day, my love of aprons grew as did my collection.  However, I can never catch up with the amount of aprons that Natalie has acquired over the years!

Believe it or not, aprons are making a comeback in a big way! The ones they make these days are a style statement all on their own!♥LOVE♥

I’ve even started my daughter a collection!Thank you Natalie for introducing me to the wonderful world of aprons!!!!

Who would have ever known that an apron would make me so happy…and save so many of my shirts from chili, spaghetti sauce, icing, egg dye, etc…

Do you wear an apron while you cook?


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