don’t drink the water…

Well… happy Friday!!!!  

With Joy’s post on “Baby Wise“,  it had me thinking…  NO, not about having another one!  But I was flooded with some really great itty bitty baby moments.  If you live in my neck of the woods, DO NOT DRINK THE WATER!  I repeat, DO NOT DRINK THE WATER!  There are new mommas everywhere you turn!  Really!

Joy and I have talked about a particular post for FOREVAH now and maybe it is time to finish it up and get it out there.  It’s got to do a little bit with your two “fawns”, you know…  ”the twins browsing among the lilies”.  {you gotta love Solomon}  Breastfeeding was a really big deal for Joy and I, we could write a book about our experiences.  Honestly, I would have loved to have had a friend that first go round, to share a bit with me about this somewhat taboo topic!  On the second go round and till the last one,  Joy and I had countless phone calls sharing our thoughts, giving advice, asking questions and most of all encouraging one another through the adventure of mommas and young babies.  Having someone to talk with, made all the difference!  I prooob-ably couldn’t have made it without her on my last-go-round with my Josie Cole.  It was definitely an adventure!

And, with all these new mommies…  I think we ought to reach out and share a little love in the baby department.

So, as we finish composing this little post on the ta-ta’s {that is so not me to say that by the way…  I don’t ever think I have said, “ta-ta’s… but hey…}  Send us some advice or tips or warnings or encouragement to add to our bucket of knowledge on the subject.  We will put it all together and turn around and share with all these new mommies!  Sound good?!  Okay, it’s a plan…  What are you doing?  Don’t hesitate.  Help us out here, send us your thoughts!  {please}  We need all the help we can get in this area!



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