I don’t know about you guys, but when I cook I often prepare enough to feed an army.  Jesse has made fun of me throughout our marriage about the amounts of food that I cook for one meal.  I can’t help myself, it’s at the core of my being and handed down in my DNA straight from my Mother.  I cook like she cooks…which equals to a LOT of food!

As you can imagine we have leftovers almost every night.  The problem in my house hold is that no one eats leftovers.  So they sit and I usually throw them out.  This aggravates me!  The waste, the money and time down the drain…oh the starving children! However, I still cook for an army….my fault!

I am very aware of how glamerous this post is but I would love for you all to share some new and improved ways to reinvent left overs.  This is why we love you all so very much!  The things you tolerate from us!

Natalie and I would love for you all to share what you do with your leftovers.  You can either comment here on the blog or on our facebook page (which we’d love for you to follow). 

You can even share a recipe if you’d like of something that you make with your leftovers :-D



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