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We gotta makeover…

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Joy and I are soooo excited to reveal our new and revamped We Are Rooted!  Yoohoo!   YEAH!  Yay!  HoodyHoo! {smiling big}  A little over a year ago we wrote these words…


We are rooted……in everything we do…in our relationship with God, our family, church, friends, food, & rich southern traditions.  That’s why we thought the name “We are Rooted” was so perfect for us. We have joined forces to bring  you our ideas on “life” even though we are two different Gals with two different families, in two different states!  It is here that we will share our stories, recipes, crafts, decorating ideas, advice, tips & tricks that work for us, and most importantly His Word. 

We became friends thirty something years ago in a small southern church of the Nazarene.  There our friendship and faith grew into something beautiful and over the years, even though we are miles apart, has fully blossomed into a full and thriving “rooted” friendship! 
Our prayer is simple…to be what God wants us to be, to do what God wants us to do and to go where God wants us to go.  We felt led by God to start the page up together and we are so excited at what the future holds.  So come and join us on our “rooted” journey!

Well, in almost a year and a half of writing… not much has changed!  Our heart still remains with the desire to share our families, our stories and our faith.   Please take a minute and check out our new site.  A few things have changed thanks to our commitment to prayer and being open to where God is leading…  You might notice we cleaned up our pages a bit and added a couple of new ones as well.  This past year has been crazy and well we are just enjoying the ride.  We are really excited about two new pages, Kids Corner & Mission Mondays!  We are like kids squealing with all the fun stuff we are gonna do together, having a blast and giving Him ALL the glory!!   So you guys gotta stay tuned to see what we are up to…  God has laid some really groovy things on our heart and we are just thankful for the opportunity to share them with you all!  

We want to give a HUGE thank you to the gals @ Smitten Blog Designs for giving us a groovy revamp!  They were so AWESOME to work with and so creative!!  We are excited to continue to work with them on other projects!!  They have just been super sweet to work with and made the whole process EASY! Check them out if you need any help with any graphic design work.   And we had sooooo much fun hanging out and taking pictures with Rock-It Photography a.k.a. Ale’ Cat!  She is just so amazing {even if she is mine} and so talented.  She just kinda blends in, letting you just be your self and somehow captures the moments you want to remember!  We had a blast taking the photos for our new revamped site and made some crazy fun memories in the process!  

This has been such an awesome experience and we thank you for hanging in here with us!  So, check it out and let us know what you think!!!  Thanks!


Joy & Nat

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