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Lemon Pasta Salad


Last year while digging though recipe after recipe for pasta salad, I stumbled across this one.  It is actually from the Neely's and I have to say that I just fell in love!  It leaves your taste buds dancing in delight with the zingy flavors in this salad.  The only variation that I made to … [Read more...]

Call To Prayer… IT was AWESOME!


Oh man, what a morning!!                   {Okay, so it is not the best pic! Not one face to be seen!  But, Hey!  It's a little visual!} Just still floating around on God's goodness!  This morning I had the opportunity to be a guest/prayer … [Read more...]

Mother’s Day… the BEST gift!


    I was thinking about Mother's Day...  How in the world can a child {a grown child} express how they truly feel for their mother in words on a card or with a handmade craft or for that matter in a single day?   Honestly, it's not possible.  Well, for me at least!  My mother is … [Read more...]

Homemade Pizza a Family Tradition


My brother-in-law has a tradition with his family that every Friday night they have homemade pizza night.  When he has visited in the past we tried to integrate this into our weekly schedule.  Pizza has always been a staple go to in our house so why not have it on a scheduled night.  Here … [Read more...]