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Pinterest Mom

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Being a mother is tough, especially these days.  You are overworked, underpaid, and sometimes even feel that you are undervalued.  Worst of all you often feel judged at every turn for how you “mother”. 

Here lately it seems that I have been bombarded with article after article talking about how things like Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter and even blogs are adding to the stressful nature of motherhood.  These articles go on to say how these avenues often set the bar too high for other Mothers and become a sort of addiction.

Yes, being a mom is tough, we are constantly bombarded with the “do’s” and “don’ts” with books, T.V. and articles.  Being a mom has become tough because of opinions.  The problem is….everyone has one. :)

We (myself included) have been caught in the trap of “you must assimilate”, “you must be, act and look the same”, “do not be different”.  Somehow, we as a society have stopped letting kids just be kids.  Dirt is dirty, screams are intolerable, crying is against the rules.  When you are in public your kids must be PERFECT or else we will reap death stares of others around us.  Added to that the pressures we also put on ourselves of keeping the perfect house, cooking the perfect meal and making the perfect crafts.  But are these the results of Pinterest or expectations we set for ourselves?

Why are we so affected by the thoughts of others?  Why do we constantly beat ourselves up over if we are messing our kids up or not?  Why do we lash out in criticism against other mothers or websites that are not meant to put us down but offer a place to vent, be creative, or just give a mom a moment to just be?

We all feel the pressures of Motherhood and we should take a moment and  offer a line of encouragement.  When we see a fellow Mom in need that’s struggling with self-worth, having a bad day, or a bad moment (like the grocery store, restaurant, etc…), then make a choice to show her Love.  Like a kind look, a word or encouragement, a smile…hey even a hug if you’re into that sort of thing :)  

I don’t think it’s fair to point blame at “Pinterest moms” or bloggers, Facebook socialites or Tweeters.  I refuse to be found guilty because I enjoy pinning. 

I think it’s time as mothers that we stopped being so hard on ourselves, and other moms.  It’s time that we stand up and make a conscious decision to choose LOVE not hate, LOVE not criticism, LOVE not judgment.

God made each of us different.  Every fingerprint, every cell, no repeats.    God made us so different that he gave each of us our very own talents!  Being a mom isn’t defined by the things you can do, it’s defined by LOVE.    If our kids feel loved, then they will thrive.  You are not expected to be crafty, or the best chef, or the best house keeper or even Martha Stewart. Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter and blogs are all fun, but they do not, I repeat, DO NOT define motherhood!  They offer some moms a place to feel inspired, appreciated, crafty, hone their art, a place to escape for just a bit.  Please do not feel defeated or guilty for pinning or reading/writing a blog, etc… 

So if you find yourself getting down because you can’t be that “Pinterest Mom”, cheer up and know that you have your very own talent that God gave you.  If you find yourself being over critical of another mother, stop and choose to show love and kindness.  If you find yourself feeling inadequate because of something like Pinterest, twitter, Facebook or a blog…then Log Off and go love on your kids. 

What are some of your thoughts on this subject?



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