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It’s a PARtay! A Guys & Gals Shower

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Guys & Gals Shower

Well, it’s been wild around here lately…  from near death experiences to new illness  to party after partay.  For those who don’t know, my baby brother is getting married the first of June {sniff, sniff}  and we have been celebrating the occasion with craft nights and party planning and then the actual parties themselves.  

This past weekend he and LaKristin {my future precious sister-n-law} had a Guys and Gals Party…  a party for everyone!  {not just the girls} And man, did we have a blast planning this little soiree!  My cousin Emily knew from the start she wanted to have a theme for the night and with her love for the ole’ mustache…  there was no guessing what she wanted to go with.  You can’t hardly turn without seeing something with the cute little black curls popping out on clothes and party paraphernalia and even home decor.  There is just something about that little mustache…


































I know…  so fun!  We had a blast gathering all the little what-nots for this little party.  A lot of the stuff we had sitting around.  Emily scored the AWESOME red suitcase for SIX BUCKS at a little antiques store here in town.  It’s fabulous!  And the perfect color.

We also set up a little photo booth for everyone to have a little fun and capture some funny photos for the bride and groom-to-be.  They have enjoyed looking back through the funny pics of everyone.  Photo booths seems to be all the rage now and really they are a great idea.  I hope it’s not a trend.  Such an awesome idea to remember celebrations and those who joined you in all the fun.  I think every party should have a little photo booth set up somewhere.  Either something grand and elaborate or just something groovy tucked over in a corner.  Photo booths ROCK!  Did that sound cheesy?!?1  I really love them!

Emily made this great little canvas for Caleb & LaKristin…  totally went with the whole “mustache” theme and just fit them to a “T”.  You can find some of the “mustache” party favors here and here and here.  You can find Emily’s shirt here.  And the invitations were just great… you can find them here.  You may not can tell from the picture, but the invitations turned out fabulous.  Really good paper and a bit of a shiny finish.  I thought they were so cute and at a great price.  And how smart to use postcard instead of traditional card and envelope.  Saved $$$ on the postage!  Yay!  

The Menu

Grilled Pork Tenderloin & Juicy Ham Sandwiches

w/ spicy mustard and BBQ sauce

Southern Style Baked Beans

Corn-on-the-Cob w/ Garlic (to-die-for) Butter

Two Week Slaw

Individual Lemon Pies

PW’s (not Preacher’s Wife)Knock You Naked Brownies

Sweeeeeeet Tea

Lemon Water

and last but not least…

PW’s (not Preacher’s Wife) Perfect Iced Coffee

IF you are curious about the corn, we placed styrofoam in this fabulous coffee pot that I literally am ashamed of how much I paid for…  I felt like I was stealing.  I’ve found this groovy little hole in the wall store and me and my kids spend way too much time combing through the treasures.  I have found some really neat pieces and for little of nothing!  I LOVe a good deal! Okay, put florist foam in pot and cover in river rocks.  Put a wooden stick in the end and stick it down in your styrofoam!  And there you go!  We piled the rest of the corn, skewer side up, in a large old pot of my mother-n-law’s.  Too cute!  And the Perfect Iced Coffee was a hit!  It was soooooo good!  No wonder Pioneer Woman has to drink it everyday!  It’s gOOd!





















Ryver & Emma Mae just couldn’t resist the photo booth either!  Girls… their suckers for photos!

Well, all in all it was a great night!  Lots of fun times to be remembered!  

Getting ready for the next party and the BIG DAY!  {By the way…  I been holding back.  But when I saw that baby boys name all twirly and whirly in chocolate ink planted right there next to hers on that ivory card…  Well, you know when it’s just real hard to swallow?  Oh no… I’m feeling it again…  }

Okay, I’m going to fix my face…

You guys have a great weekend and hope you are inspired by our little Guys & Gals Shower we threw for my baby brother ad his precious bride-to-be!



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