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Instagram Picture Collage via Prinstagram! AWESOMENESS!

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Okay, last week I showed you these neat little things we ordered from Printstagram.  We needed a good way to display them and possibly even change them out over time {with new ones we have already ordered… yay!}  

So, remember these…


Well, as soon as they arrived I was dreaming of all the groovy things I could do with these little gems.  The kids loved them and of course wanted to start pinning {old school with tacks} them up all over the place.  Well, I hate to admit that I am not a real hang-up-the-posters-all-over-your-room kinda Mom.  So, I needed a cool way for them to display them and change them out with new and different ones.  



At a trip to the fabric store for another project…  I came across a rivet tool and several different styles and sizes of rivets.  I had hoped to use the bright colored rivets I found at the craft store, but in the end decided on the more sturdy ones used for fabric.   



First, you make the hole on your photograph with your tool.  Next, you place the rivet on right side of photo and push through.  You simply press down with tool and voila’!  You have got this groovy little photo with  a neat little hole for hanging!  I found the tool and rivet at Hancock Fabric, but I am sure you could find this at several other craft stores in their sewing department.  {FYI: the photos are about as thick as card stock.  Maybe a little thicker.  So, they had a little weight to them, which I liked!}



I knew what I wanted to hang these with and searched the internet and ended up finding them at Lowe’s.  It was exactly what I wanted!  Maybe not exactly the color, but in the end, the color wasn’t so much an issue.  I had spray painted them, but after hammering them to the wall, the paint chipped off.  Which was kinda ugly!  SO…  next time I want worry so much with color!  There wasn’t much sticking out to see anyhoo!  But, I’ll keep my eye out for different options and let you guys know if I find anything.  {and you guys could do the same…}



So, now I was ready to find a place and nail these cutie-pa-tootie’s up on the wall!  Oh my goodness…  these are so awesome!!  I just love it and the kids are having so much fun with them…  deciding which ones they want to hang and swap out.  I am SO excited about this little project!  Here is a picture of what we have done so far…


Now, I am thinking something for me…  maybe in black and white or s sepia tone.  Giving a more unified look, a little more grown-up.  Oh my word…  the possibilities are endless!  Okay, and another idea…   My groovy gal, crafter in crime,  Aubrey Grace found this awesome APP… postal pix.  Here you have the option of getting 4″x4″ and 5″x5″ AND 8″x8″ squared photos!!  Yoohoo!!!  I am so excited!!!

This is me, dancing…  to the Pointer Sisters!  I’m so excited…  oooheewee…  and I just can’t hide it….  ohohno!

Sorry.   I’m telling you, it’s cute!

Okay…  back to project.

Really, I LOVE it!!!   I had to go ahead and show you guys.  When I get them all up, I will take a pic and post.  Let you see the whole wall…  SO FUN!  I am loving Instagram and all these little things you can do with them…  the prints, the magnets and now this!  So many ideas!  If you have done something groovy with this great little app, let us know!  We would love to hear about it!  

Okay, now off to the 5×5′s for ME!  I’ll probably do pretty much the same thing as I did for kids, but with he larger prints!  Can’t wait to get them in the mail!


Hope you all are having a wonderful week!  With Easter Sunday just days away, I’m flooded with thoughts of our faith, our Savior and The Cross.  As I mentioned last week, we are getting ready for a big Easter dinner here at the house.  You know, it is so easy to make Easter about the easter bunny and easter eggs and all that fun stuff.  Today, during homeschool, the kids and I are really slowing down and talking about the week that led up Good Friday and The Resurrection.  These kids know a lot more than we think!  I just sat and listened…  Will ask me why I was crying and I said I was just so happy and just excited thinking about such amazing LOVE.  It’s kinda overwhelming.  As for me and my house, we serve a RISEN Savior!  So exciting!

Okay…  later this week gonna be sharing some things to do with your kids to help remember that Easter is so much more than baskets and bunnies!

Peace out,


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