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Hanging out with Pioneer Woman!

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Okay, this has nothing to do with Easter… or table settings… or traditions…  

But I have to tell you all how much fun we had last night hanging out with PW!  No, not our precious Preacher’s Wife, but The Pioneer Woman!!!  I have to say that Ree was just as fabulous as I thought she would be…  Just charming and so genuinely sweet!  She loved all over my Emma Mae and talked to her about salsa and well, that just did it for me!

                                                                                                                         {The Girls!}

This was my first ever book signing and I almost didn’t go…  My sweet-gal-pal-cousin-fellow-PW-lover  and I had made big plans for the big meet & greet when we first heard she was coming into town.  However, yesterday was a real slow go for me and I wasn’t sure I could get it all together and ship the kids off in different directions all to be gone to heaven knows when on a WEDNESDAY night {a.k.a. church night for country folks}.  And, it didn’t help  that Andy said it really wasn’t worth missing church over… {yikes}   Buuuuttt…the Lord LOVES PW too and He reeeally wanted me to go say hey and show her a little love!  So, I put my Jesus bracelets on and my sparkly cross earrings and grabbed my red jeans and off we went!  Of course, me and Emily didn’t hold a candle to Emma Mae and Charlee Adele…  they were looking pretty good!

Needless to say, I am so glad Mrs. Emily worked out all the kinks for us to go!  We were like two school girls all giggly and nervous!  Like I mentioned, it was our first book signing and we had no clue what we were doing… Not like it’s rocket science but a little “FYI”…  if there is a book signing in your near future, call the bookstore ahead of time.  It might just be possible for you to get a “line number” the day before and for sure the day of the signing.  This saves a ton of standing around!  Not knowing this of course, we ended up with #250!  Yeah!  {And I told Andy I wouldn’t be reeeeeeal long!}  

Well, we had our number and we waited to see the groovy Mrs. PW.  She gave an awesome little presentation for everyone before the book signing with power point slide show and some funny stories.  I actually didn’t see any of this…  I was a good little Momma and propped up my sweet Emma Mae on my shoulders for her to see everything.  

{picture from   I hope they don’t mind I borrowed it, I just had to so I could show off my baby girl’s head!  So, please go give them some love and check out their groovy blogs The Lettered Cottage and Shoot Fly Shoot… so they won’t be mad about the pic!  They were really sweet people and so fun to get a chance to talk to them!}

We got really lucky and ran into a dear old friend and she gave us #168!  Yay!  We were moving up!  A little side note…  I told Emma that Jennifer and I had been friends since we were her age…  she looked at me and saved, “really?!…  that is a LOOONG time!”  HA!  Yes, it kinda is a really long time!  And I have to say, every time I run into this sweet gal, it just like nothings changed!  She’s one of the sweetest people and I always leave her hoping to run back into her again very soon.   Oh, and Jennifer with all her smooth moves, scored us a night at The Lodge!  

{Jennifer & PW}

{Me, Emma Mae & PW}

After a little chit chatting we found out we could all pile up on the same number {well, at least five of us}.  So… me,Emily and the girls got to hang out with Jennifer and her sweet friend the rest of the evening!  We got even luckier and stood in front of the sweetest lady whose husband had driven her all the way from Jackson, Mississippi just to see PW!  She was also a homeschooler and just taken with the little life of the Pioneer Woman.  Although, she seemed to have a pretty groovy life from the stories we shared about homeschooling and being with family.  Her husband said homeschooling was family freedom and I honestly have to agree!  Emily got a good ear full…  So, watch out Adam if she starts pinning homeschool plans!  

Well, we went from #250 to #150 and next thing I know we were next in line!  I introduced my sweet Emma Mae and we talked about her fabulous salsa and how Emma drinks it from the jar!  She thought that was great!  She said she had worked on that little recipe to get it just right!  We told her she did a great job!  I told her Emma was a great cook and she signed, “to Emma… love PW”  in her very first cookbook!  


It was a fun night for us girls… we made some pretty good memories!  And, just in case you were wondering…  I took PW’s 1st cookbook and she sent a little love to my little JoJo!  Both girls got their first cookbook from their Momma all signed by the sweet PW! 

{Em, Charlee & PW}

And, if the whole cookbook signing and meeting the sweet PW wasn’t exciting enough…  Emma Mae and I got to chat for a bit with Layla and Kevin from The Lettered Cottage!  It was SOOOO fun!!  And she was even more pretty in person!  EXTREMELY sweet and genuinely nice folks!  I had hoped she would be there with Ree and I was on the look out for them as soon as we got there!  They both have a blog that I follow and really do enjoy.  We have got some great ideas from the two of them for Caleb and LaKristin’s remodel.  And, the fact that they are good old southern folks, doing really well with what they love, just makes me so happy for them!  We chit chatted about the weather, the drive and her husbands new blog.  They loved on my Emma Mae and Kevin complimented her on her shoes!  {which she DID NOT want to wear!  ha!!  I loved this!!}  


{Me, Emma Mae, Layla &Kevin from The Lettered Cottage}

All in all, it was a great night!  Always fun to be with Em and Charlee…  getting to see an old friend… and best part of the night, special girly time with my best little buddy and future blogger/cooking extroidinaire, Miss Emma Mae!  {Thanks to PW, Layla and Kevin for giving us an excuse to have a little girl time!}


going to make PW’s Hot Cross Buns with my kiddos for GOOD FRIDAY!



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