DIY bleach pen tees

Today’s craft for the kiddos was really for me, but don’t tell them! {shhhh!}  Of course, the kids loved it and had a blast coming up with their design for their t-shirts.    

We took colored cotton t-shirts that you can find at your local craft store or at Wal-Mart.  I actually got mine in the men’s department at TarJay.  I picked up these cardboard t-shirt cut outs from Hobby Lobby and slid them inside the shirts.  This was done so that the clorox would not bleed through to the back side.  Really, you could grab something around the house that would work just as well, like a grocery sack.  {although, the card board inserts were just 99 cents!}  Next, you will need a Clorox bleach pen to make your designs on your t-shirts.  

The kids and I had so much fun drawing and designing our shirts!  We set them out in the sun to speed the process along.  Then, ran them through the washer and dryer and…

                                                              Source: Uploaded by user via Natalie Elrod… on Pinterest



Isn’t it just groovy!   I LOVE it!  Will drew deer tracks and bigfoot and Spongebob…  Emma did peace signs and hearts and polka dots…  And I finally got my Jesus Freak t-shirt!  

So, here a couple more pics of the us craftin’ away today…













It was super easy and super fun and big time cool for my kiddos!

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