Prayer Books

Natalie and I are both firm believers in the power of prayer.  We have each had matters which required fervent prayer and watched how marvelous our Saviour can be working through those prayers.

Back years ago, the same friend of mine (Heather O’Connor) who enlightened me about the “prayer wall” also shared with me another awesome trick….a prayer book!  This book is a fantastic way to teach your children how to pray and to pray for others.  All you will need is  a photo album and pictures.  You can be as detailed and fancy as you would like.  Adding stickers, having the kids draw a picture for each person, or write a special something.  It’s up to you! Here’s a look of the inside of ours:

 It was a fun thing to make together with our kids and they have really enjoyed getting their books and praying over each picture.  The friend of mine who shared this with me said that they pull their books out in the morning and sit at the breakfast table and scroll through their books praying for each person. What a great way to start out each day!  As the kids grow you can add more and more pictures.

It’s never to early to teach our kids to pray!




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