Dog Hair, Dog Hair Everywhere!

Natalie and I are both dog lovers!  We are each proud owners of labs that started out as our husbands hunting companions but quickly became part of our families.  However, the dog hair that accompanies these companions can leave a person a little flustered!  Natalie even has a coffee mug that says “Everything taste better with dog hair”.  You just can’t get away from it.  The hair becomes a hitchhiker on your clothes, your couch, your counters, your rugs, and all over your floors.  I am in constant “sweep” mode and carry a lent brush with me everywhere!  I have also found that the 5 second rule to dropping food does not apply when you have a dog that sheds so much! ;-)

Jesse and I have come up with a few tricks over the years to help us out with the “shedding” problem.  The biggest help has been to have our dog shaved at the beginning of spring.  Don’t worry, we don’t shave her bald…it’s just enough to get the winter coat off of her.  Our next defense mechanism is this wonderful stuff:

I swore I would never be the type of person who went out and paid for a speciality dog shampoo & conditioner, but yet here I am!  I will swear by this stuff.  I bought it at the pet store and it works wonders!  I buy both the shampoo & conditioner because they work as a team!  This product is great!   It helps get rid of that winter coat and extra shedding and then conditions their coat and skin giving them a wonderful smell and shine!

So if you are hindered by dog hair, run out and give this stuff a try.  I don’t think it matters about the brand, I bought the cheapest stuff they had.  You just need to get the one that says for shedding.

If you all have some other tips for us on this matter please leave a comment below and fill us in!  We need all the help we can get!



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