Baked Tomatoes

So, who didn’t love ketchup as a kid?  I mean, I know I wasn’t the only one nicknamed, “ketchup kid”!  And why was it that we would slather anything in ketchup, but wouldn’t touch a tomato with a  ten foot pole!  I mean… gross!  What did I even think tomatoes were made of anyways?  

I have to confess that this notion of tomatoes… being all gross…  followed me well into my young adult life.  I know… shameful.  Until one day, my sweet MeeMaw was convinced to change my impression of the beautiful red ripened tomato.  I watched as she cut thick slices and placed them into a pan.  Next she dropped a pat of butter on each and then covered each sliced tomato with a breadcrumb, Italian seasonings and cheese concoction.  Baking to a bubbly golden cheesy red deliciousness!  One bite and well… the rest is history.  I have been in love ever since!  

What was I thinking all those years?!?

I have experimented with many different toppings…  From just the basics: butter, cheese, salt  and pepper to a mixture of fresh grated parmesan, feta, panko bread crumbs fresh parsley and {my favorite} a dash of Crazy Jane’s.  

So, go grab some tomatoes…  do a little experimenting and come up with your own version of this little bit of heaven!   You can’t go wrong.  Bake them until golden and bubbly.  Eat them all by themselves or serve them up with grilled chicken, hot off the grill.



All this great weather has me thinking of TOMATOES!


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