Still good…

Growing up, my Momma could make anything yummy…  She taught me how to make my own little pizzas, better yet… my own bagel bites… the cheap version!  There was always left over spaghetti sauce or pizza sauce in the fridge and sliced cheese.  If you were lucky there was just enough shredded cheese left in the bag.  But, if you had slim pickings… you could always find  a shaker of parmesan cheese.  We put it on sliced bread, hot dog buns, hamburger buns… anything we could find.   Every now and then we got really fancy and actually used  bagels!  They were simple and they were delicious!  

Searching through the pantry and fridge this past week, things weren’t looking to promising for the kiddos.  Until I saw them…  the three ingredients.  

I was so excited!  I told the kids of this delicious recipe and we fixed up our little homemade bagel bites.  Popped them in the oven and BAM! {laugh!}   There they were…  all golden and shiny and smelling just like I remembered.  

I plopped them down on the table and the kids looked at me with this strange look…  like, you really want us to eat these?!  They wouldn’t even taste them.  I was crushed.  So, while they ate their Honey Nut, I ate all the Budget Bagel Bites!  And yes!  They were just as good as I remembered.  

I am not giving up though…  their taste buds are growing… maturing.  I’ll wait about six months and try again…


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