How I re-covered My Cornice Board

We lived here in this house for six years now and it has taken me that long to finally re-cover the Cornice board in our office.  I was never fond of the fabric choice from the previous owners, but it looked fine and matched everything so I left it be.  Until now….

I got a wild hair last week and decided it was time!  How hard could it be?  Turns out…not that hard at all!  Here are the steps I took to recover the cornice board.

  1. Measure the length and width of the board and allow extra inches so you can pull the fabric around.
  2. Cut your fabric to length
  3. I placed the fabric on the table and then laid the board across it.
  4. Start pulling the fabric tight (but not too tight) and staple it to the board, do this all around tucking corners as you go
  5. then re-hang.

So very simple and a great way to change the look of a room.  I’m sure Natalie could probably tell us “how to make our own cornice board”….she’s pretty handy like that!



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