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I Burned the Soup!

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A few weeks ago I made a HUGE pot of jambalaya.  I’m talking a about gigantic!  We had a crowd coming over and I decided that I would make this delish dish for two reasons. 

 1.  It’s sooooo mouthwatering GOOD

2.  It feeds a crowd

Here’s the problem.  This recipe makes so much that I only have one pot to make it in.  It is the worst most undesirable pot in the world.  A cheap-o one that is super thin aluminum and to make matters’s warped.  So here’s what happened.  The jambalaya was done, completed, ready to serve!  We were awaiting our guests arrival and so I placed the lid on the pot and turned the heat down (apparently not far enough).  I walked outside for just a few minutes to speak to my neighbor and when I returned I smelled it!  The unmistakable smell of BURNED!  I panicked!  I had to, I had nothing else to serve!  To make matters worse, one of the couples that were coming was “new”!  First timers and if you guys are anything like me then any time someone new comes to my house everything must be PERFECT!  Just ask my husband….I drive him crazy.  Now the second time you visit you will be family….and then you get what you get and you don’t pitch a fit!  ;-)

Okay, back to the subject at hand.  I turned to my good friend Mr. Google and asked “how do you fix scorched taste in soup”, and surprisingly I received an answer.  Not just one answer…but I found multiple sites where people had done the same thing!  The first one said to pour off the “good” part into a different pan.  Then put a tablespoon of peanut butter in it.  *Gross*, but I tried it! I had to, I was panicky remember!  Unfortunately for me I had done some things that were a big NO NO, when trying to salvage the burned jambalaya!  First I stirred the pot….you are not suppose to stir.  Second, I had shrimp and rice….yeah, burned seafood is a little tough to fix! :-D   So I ended up dumping the entire pot of jambalaya out :cry:   I think I put an entire bottle of peanut butter in it…and it didn’t help.  (so we ordered pizza)!

However, since the incident, I have researched this subject more and thought I would share with you how to fix SCORCH TASTE!

I found the best results with the website ehow!  So if you ever find yourself in a jam and have burned your soup….try this before you discard!

  1. Do NOT stir
  2. remove pot from heat and tilt slightly and let cool water run on bottom of pot
  3. pour off top portion of soup (the part that is not burned) into a separate pot
  4. add water or broth to new pot and turn on med/low heat
  5. put a whole peeled potato int he pot
  6. add extra spices that were used in the soup: garlic, salt, pepper, etc…
  7. mix in 1 Tbsp of vinegar or mustard
  8. remove the potato after simmering 15-20 min
  9. if all else fails….add 1/2 Tbsp liquid smoke and call it Bar-B-Q soup :)

Click on link below to read the full article:

How to Fix Scorched Taste in Soup




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