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DIY Upholstered Headboard

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Okay…  So Joy mentioned she is pondering over the idea of a new bed… more specifically , a new headboard.  She knew Andy and I had tackled this little project a while back and thought it would be groovy to share here with you guys.  

{And hopefully Jesse will be inspired by Andy to build one for Joy!}

 A while back, we were watching our fave show… iCarly!!!  And, in the episode, they had a redo on Carly’s room, that had been ruined in a fire.  {I know you watched this… don’t play dumb!}  After this episode Emma and Will were on a mission to get a cool new room.  Of course, they wanted a trampoline in the floor, a rotating closet, a gummy bear chandelier,  among a few other things…  But, basically, they just needed a revamp!  There was no need to twist my arm… I was pumped!  {It was their Daddy’s arm that needed twisting!}

I had some asweome before and during pictures to share with you… but since I got my new compute… I can’t seem to find anything!  So, I am just gonna give you some detailed instructions and an awesome “after” picture!  

But, before we get started… I want to share a few pics from our fave little place…

                                                                                              Source: via Danielle on Pinterest

                                                               Source: via Natalie on Pinterest


1 sheet of 3/8″ plywood, cut to size

1″ or 2″ thick foam {I ended up finding 1″ foam and used three layers of batting.  I think the thicker and fluffier the better the headboard     will  look, especially if you are going to tuft the headboard.  If you used 2″ foam, one layer of batting would do just fine.  The batting softens the look  and smooths the edges.}

polyester batting


upholstery thread

heavy duty needle

button kit {choose size depending on look you are after}

staple gun and staples


spray adhesive

electric drill


hook system to hang headboard to wall

After cutting board to desired size, Andy measured off and marked back off wood for the buttons.  He drilled holes on all the marks with a drill bit just large enough for needle to pas through.

While he was busy drilling, I cut the fabric to make the fabric covered buttons.  You will see in my pictures that I choose to use the same fabric.  For more contrast, you could choose another color for your buttons.  Also, the size you choose to use could change up the look of your headboard as well.

We then  sprayed the board with a layer of spray adhesive and placed the foam upon the board.  Between each layer of foam and batting, I sprayed the area with the adhesive so everything would stay in place as we worked with the headboard. 

Once foam and batting were in place I laid out my fabric on my clean kitchen table, right side down and then placed my foam/batting covered board on top.  I am sure you will read other ways to do this, but this was easiest for me to work with and kept it up off of ground.  No bending!  No back aches!  I then made sure fabric was lined up straight and started pulling and stapling about 1 1/2 inches from edge.  My fabric was bold enough to see through back side, allowing me to make sure fabric was lined up straight.  This is key…  making sure you don’t pull to hard on your fabric causing your pattern to zig zag.  If you have a solid color, this would not be so much of a problem.  So, if your fabric has a pattern… keep all this in mind!  It will look so much better if you take your time and make sure everything is equally stapled and lined up straight.  I started in middle of each side working my way outward stopping shy a few inches from corners.  

I took my time on the corners, pulling the fabric directly over the corner first and stapling and then worked my way out on each side.  I trimmed up any excess fabric that was sticking up.  

Okay, when it comes to making the buttons… just follow the instructions on the back. They are pretty simple to make!  

Now, it is time to thread up your needle and attach your buttons.  Now, again…  you might read some other place a better idea to secure your buttons.  But, I had some long nails that I had lying around the house.  With my needle and thread I went through the pre drilled hole from back to front, grabbing my button and threading back through.  I had Emma  and Andy place a nail over the hole as I tied the two ends of fabric.  I made several knots over nail, making sure button was secure.  I did this for each hole he had pre drilled until I had a button on each hole.  While doing this, I would slide my board over or lift it up, straightening out the folds near the button.  NOW, I will tell you this… because I used the 1″ foam and not the 2″ or thicker, there was not a real dramatic “tuft” to my headboard.  Even though I used the three layers of batting…  

Now, I am not one to really prepare for these projects!  {laugh}  Between his job and my past projects we seem to have a plethora of supplies laying around.  And, of course, I had a large sheet of 1″ foam and felt no need to go get anything different.  And since I wanted to do the project the minute it came to mind, there was no time for shopping for supplies!   I am really happy with the way mine turned out, but as you will be able to see it isn’t very thick looking and all gathered in the tufts.  I believe using 2″ foam or thicker would have made this a little more dramatic looking!  

Andy attached the headboard directly to the wall using a hook and hanger, I would describe as a “d” shaped hanger with hook.  But after doing a research, I think these hangers would be perfect!  AND SOOOOO easy to install!

Well, that is about it…  It really was a simple project and we leisurely completed in an afternoon.  Most of the supplies needed can be found at Hobby Lobby and WalMart.  If you are in my neck of the woods, Bessemer Textiles is a great source for supplies.  

Andy did some awesome things in Emma’s room and I just loved the finished look of her bedroom.  I’ll be sharing more projects from her room with you all soon!  So, stay tuned…  

If you get froggy and decide to make a headboard, Joy and I would love to know how it works out and we would love to see your pictures!

Hope you are inspired!!!



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