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birthday time…

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                                                               Source: via Natalie on Pinterest


   It’s birthday time around here…  And I just love birthdays.  Really.  I do. No.  I don’t.  I’m lying.  Just the thought of birthdays send me into a cold sweat.  I mean I get nauseated.  And not for all birthdays, no… just my children.  Crazy I know… this should be a time of celebration.  Celebrating the greatest moments of my life!  But honestly, the pressure to perform , to create is just too much to take…  I mean, it’s my fault.  I know.  I can’t help it.  I’ve had a subscription to Southern Living since I was in middle school.  Preparing a pretty presentation just gets me going.  And really it’s not all about the presentation…  Of course, I want it cute and groovy and Pinterest just makes it all worse. {in a good way}  But really it all lies in the face of the child…  I just want them to have the best birthday ever.  Whether that means the germ-infested Chuckee Cheese, garden parties, the jumpy place, family shin-dig, Ghostbuster galas or just hot dogs and hide-n-seek.  I want them happy.  Of course they usually are and when it’s all over… it’s all good.  But, honestly, it stresses me!  Am I the only mother out there that feels this way?!  Please tell me I am not the only one…  shame on me.  


I promise, every year something crazy happens…  speeding tickets, pregnancies, jealous kids, hurt feelings… you know just the norm that comes with a group of young kiddos.   And the pressure to make sure they are utterly happy…  I know, its silly.  I am stressing out over such goofy things all the while trying to teach them life lessons…  I know, I am a little off…  but I am working on it!  I am.

Will’s 6th birthday, I was about to explode and can recount the moment like it was yesterday…  there were kids piled all around me, Emma crying, tissue and presents flying through the air, about 30 adults watching my every move {or at least it felt like it}, my precious grandmother telling me to hand him her present from the ginormous pile of gifts…right then, and there was my precious husband sitting less than three feet away {I told him not to leave my side} in his own little world blowing up animal balloons.  I gave birth 13 days later.  I was never so happy as to be on my little mini vacay at the luxurious St.Vincent’s Suites.  {I loved being pregnant…I love my doctor…I loved my nurses…I loved birthing babies}  And then it hit me…  another round of birthday parties.  Puke.

Oh, and last year…  we got snowed in at iJump on the other side of the world!

I’ve got four days…

I am praying for fun and stress free birthdays!  Am I crazy…  do birthdays freak you out?


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