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I Burned the Soup!


A few weeks ago I made a HUGE pot of jambalaya.  I'm talking a about gigantic!  We had a crowd coming over and I decided that I would make this delish dish for two reasons.   1.  It's sooooo mouthwatering GOOD 2.  It feeds a crowd Here's the problem.  This recipe makes so much that I … [Read more...]

I. Love. Instagram. I do.


I don't know about you guys, but I LOVE Instagram!  If you have an iPhone and you DO NOT have Instagram....  Go NOW and get it!  What are you waiting on?   Well, finish reading this {please}, and then GO! This is really a groovy little app that does a whole lot of stuff!  There are over 15 … [Read more...]

Sarge’s Resell

About a month ago I was introduced to a whole new world of shopaholics.  Being a shopaholic myself I fell in love and have been intrenched with this phenomenon.  Let me explain a see, it came to my attention that people are selling their children's clothing on Facebook just like people … [Read more...]

DIY Upholstered Headboard

DIY: Headboard

Okay...  So Joy mentioned she is pondering over the idea of a new bed... more specifically , a new headboard.  She knew Andy and I had tackled this little project a while back and thought it would be groovy to share here with you guys.   {And hopefully Jesse will be inspired by Andy to build one … [Read more...]

birthday time…

                                                               Source: via Natalie on Pinterest      It's birthday time around here...  And I just love birthdays.  Really.  I do. No.  I don't.  I'm lying.  Just the thought … [Read more...]

Her answer… Six Weeks of PRAYER!

Just an update...   Joy and I love expressing our thoughts and ideas here on WeAreRooted and we are so thankful for those of you who read our little blog... We both know what a great opportunity we have here to share our stories and our love for God.  We want this little bitty spot in cyber … [Read more...]