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Designs by R & R {more groovy gift ideas…}

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 Well, we have got about a week left and there is nothing like doing a little last minute shopping…  If you are looking for something amazing for your self or someone special, you have got to go visit my dear friends Roger and Renae Poer.  I think they are the grooviest couple and just love them dearly!  I have known their family my whole entire life!  I know!  In fact their beautiful~God~loving~daughter is my name sake! {did you hear that… it was my chest filling up/poking out}  And, what an honor to share a name with such a precious gal!  {you might have seen the “every-ONE counts”  necklaces that she and another groovy gal designed to raise money for The Wellhouse, Inc.}  I could go on about the kids, but I guess I’ll get back to Momma and Papa…

Over the years, I have watched as Roger and Renae created and experimented and eventually found their style.  It’s unique, it’s abstract, it’s groovy, it’s “weird” {as Roger has often described things~ but a good weird!}  and…  it’s just simply beautiful! 

Designs by R & R

{Roger and Renae Poer}

If you are in my neck of the woods… LUCKY YOU!  You can give them a shout and go do a little shopping for everyone on your list!  But if your not, don’t fret… you can check them out and contact them several different ways:  Facebook page Designs by R & R, their website or contact me and I’ll point you in the right direction!  I’ll even be your personal shopper and send it in the mail! 

Be warned though… their jewelry is like Krispy Kreme dougnuts.  You can’t just have one… you’ll want another and another and another!  {ha! ha!}

Really, their jewelry is beautiful and extremely unique… each piece hand-crafted to perfection!  {Roger just recently crafted the engagement ring my darling brother  dreamed up and gave to his fiance’…  it was beautimus!}   I am telling you, going in their studio is like a kid going in a candy store.  Honestly, when I go over there I kind of drift off… I hear their murmurs ~ I smile and nod,  but I’m focused on jewelry… all the pearls, the groovy oxidized and copper Ichthys, the leather, silk cording, rose gold, hammered, oh and the rings… {I better stop ~ I’m starting to foam at the mouth}

Go finish up your shopping with these precious friends of mine and tell them that I sent you!  There are good folks to know! {smile}

Okay… happy shopping and Merry Christmas!  Don’t forget to slow down a bit this week.  Let’s try to get all this fun shopping done and really turn our focus to the greatest gift! 

Sending out Christmas love,



p.s.  if anyone is wondering…  I dream of R& R Jewelry! {hint! hint}

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