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Designs by R & R {more groovy gift ideas…}

R&R a

 Well, we have got about a week left and there is nothing like doing a little last minute shopping...  If you are looking for something amazing for your self or someone special, you have got to go visit my dear friends Roger and Renae Poer.  I think they are the grooviest couple and just love … [Read more...]

More Elfing Shenanigans

5 (1)

Our Elf Portie sure has been busy around our house causing trouble every night.  Here are a few things he has gotten into here lately.  Hope you all are having a wonderful Christmas season! Portie sitting in a shoe.  You are not allowed to touch the Elf so Andrew had to find another pair of … [Read more...]

Groovy Gift Idea…

Gift Guide 1

 So, I was out and about doing a little Christmas shopping and came across these sweet little mugs from Anthropologie.  To say I just loved these would probably be an understatement.  The colors, the feel, the little letters... just groovy.  So, for a coffee drinker ~ these were right up my … [Read more...]

Christmas Decorating Ideas…

Christmas - Decorating Tips

A couple of Christmas Ideas... Well, if you are anything like me... you are busy making your home a little more festive.  I love this time of year and I love to decorate my home for the holidays.  That being said, I have noticed that I have streamlined a bit over the years.  I have tried to find … [Read more...]

Angry Bird Elf

Magic Elf - DSC_0005-1

This year our Elf Portie has been getting into a whirl wind of TROUBLE!  He has toliet papered our house, he has painted noses Red like RudolphHe has eaten candy, filled the kids rooms with balloons and even had a marshmellow fight with Bumblebee...his BFF!  My favorite though is when Portie … [Read more...]