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Is church important?

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It’s around 7:00 now and I have already written two letters and four post {laughing}… in my mind!  As I laid in bed, way early before the sun came up…  I have just about solved the world’s problems!  Since I have been studying the Proverbial Women, I thought it best to get my bootie on out of that bed…

It’s been an awesome morning… watching ths sun come up… reading my Bible… sipping coffee…

Both my girls strolled in here around 6:30 and now all around me… there little faces peering out between the folds of the quilt.  Did I mention it was a good morning?!?!

Joy and I created a page titled “Preserves”… for the real stuff, the stuff that matters, the stuff you want to plant… grow… harvest…preserve… share…

As we have mentioned before, our {Joy & I} friendship started  in a church, I guess you could say it is the foundation of our friendship.  We were both raised knowing the importance of the church, His church, our church family. 

My question for you… Is church important?  Is it a must for your faith? 

Okay, are you still reading?!  If so, here’s my thoughts… 

First, let me say to those who have church with just you and Jesus… GREAT!!!!  I don’t think you can go and have church with a room full of folks if you can’t be alone with God.  

{Will just stumbled in, rubbing his eyes, ” is it Christmas?”… what a morning!}

Worshipping alone with God is an awesome experience, but you just can’t argue that something different happens when believers come together and worship!  There is just something amazing {and I know that every Sunday morning service isn’t like this} but when it happens… it is powerful.  There is a very unique oneness… to be in a body of believers!  Whew!  Oh yeah… and hypocrites!  Yeah, you heard me… a room full of hypocrites.  I mean, we are all hypocrites…  I am a hypocrite.  I am not perfect.  Everyday I am seeking HIM more and more and I hope my life is an example of that {changing everyday for the better}, but again… I am not perfect.  Church is for the hypocrite, the sinner, the cheater, the liar, the addict… BUT, I can say that YES, I am not perfect… but I am not what I was yesterday!  

You know the Bible says that the church is Christ bride… What does this mean?  Well, I am no scholar, but my take…  Christ is the bridegroom and we the body of believers {the church} are the bride.  I imagine we are in a courtship and we are to be faithful until our wedding day, when Christ comes for us.  {Was I too far off… to simple}  So, the church, the body of believers waiting to be with our bridegroom… how do we stay faithful?  Well, let me say that church is not required for believers, but someone who belongs to the body of Christ should want, desire to fellowship and worship and grow with other believers.   That’s just my opinion.  If you are seeking Him, {personally} it is important  to surround yourself with other believers who would encourage you, lift you up, hold you accountable.   By doing this, I am encouraged to stay faithful. 

Now, being involved… being at the church 24/7…  I think that’s another day and another post.  I do know the more you seek God, the more this kinda stuff will work itself out.  

I came across this post and just fell in love with her words… 

“Because loving God has to be more than simply hating evil –- because love is a verb.

Because His Kingdom coming has to be more than believing — because we’re the Kingdom of God and how are we becoming it, bringing it, building it?”

I am now at a place in my life where I am understanding more about His Kingdom.  I am understanding more why I am here.  I am LOVING living and learning.  This is an exciting time in which we live in… well, that is if you are  a believer.  In ALL things I want to be honoring of God and honestly that is sometimes very difficult to do… but I see it is getting easier.  I LOVE Him and I want people to know my God and I want to encourage people to seek Him and like minded believers. 

Church… Well, it can be a lot of things and it has been a lot of things.  But, the Bible tells us that IT IS The Body of Christ.  I want to be a part of that body and I hope you are encouraged to be a part of it too!  Loving God is more than simply hating evil…

If you have a minute longer, here are a few scriptures…

1 Corinthians 1:9

1 John 1:3

1 Thessalonians 5:11

Hope you all enjoy your weekend!  There are amazing churches out there {I know of a particular one that is FABULOUS} and I encourage you to find one if you aren’t attending one now.  Go.  Fellowship.  I dare you. 







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