Hunting as a Family

We are mid-stream of the most popular time of year around our household.  Not Thanksgiving, not Christmas, but Hunting season ;-)

Jesse was a hunter before we met, and I grew up….well in the heart of Alabama, hunting capital of the world.  This lifestyle was not foreign to me. My dad hunted, my brothers hunted…everyone I knew hunted.  So when Jesse and I met, it was natural and expected. 

Jesse is what I like to refer to as an “extreme” hunter.  He fishes, hunts deer, duck, turkey, geese, dove and anything else he can get a license for.  But all this hunting takes a toll on families.  The time involved can really distract and takeaway.  Our solution was to join him! 

Our kids love everything about hunting and fishing and our boys are just getting to the age of being able to go with their dad, especially duck hunting where quietness is not a requirement.








Natalie is very familiar with this lifestyle as well.  Her husband, dad, father-in-law, cousins and brother all hunt as well.  We have been known to be hulled up in a hunting cabin before together. All of us with our kids…that’s what you call a FUN TIME!

I know that hunting and hunters get a bad rap sometimes, but I’m telling you….it is the tie that binds our families.  Sometimes there is nothing better being out in nature together with no outside interruptions.  It’s just you and the family, having fun together.

If you’ve never tried joining your man on a hunt, you might want to give it a try sometime!  It might just surprise you ;-)


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