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Elf Mischief

Magic Elf - 2 (44)

As Natalie said yesterday, we will be sharing our Elf mischief with you guys.  We so look forward to seeing our Elf every year and what mischief he will bring! Our Elf, Portie, came the other night and brought an array of goodies for the kids to announce his presence. (Thank you Allison … [Read more...]

He’s BaaaAAck… our magic elf!

Magic Elf - Markle Twinkle-1

Well, it is that time of year again... How do I know?  Our magic elf is BACK!  And boy, is he mischevious as ever!  After we get our belly's full with my sweet MeeMaw's gravy and biscuits, we head to the woods!  No Black Friday for me, nope... no shopping for me on Thanksgiving weekend.  It is … [Read more...]

GIVEAWAY on The Sarge of 4 – Holiday Cards

 Hello my friends!  I'm sure you all know by now that Natalie and I both have other blogs we author. My Blog, The Sarge of 4, is currently having a Giveaway that I wanted to share with you all! Here's the info:   Since the Holidays are fast approaching my friends at Sending Love and … [Read more...]

Hunting as a Family

2 (28)

We are mid-stream of the most popular time of year around our household.  Not Thanksgiving, not Christmas, but Hunting season ;-) Jesse was a hunter before we met, and I grew up....well in the heart of Alabama, hunting capital of the world.  This lifestyle was not foreign to me. My dad hunted, my … [Read more...]

Is church important?

It's around 7:00 now and I have already written two letters and four post {laughing}... in my mind!  As I laid in bed, way early before the sun came up...  I have just about solved the world's problems!  Since I have been studying the Proverbial Women, I thought it best to get my bootie on out of … [Read more...]

31 Days of Inspiration…Day 31


31 Days of INSPIRATION... {DAY 31} Be INSPIRED to be DIFFERENT during the holiday season!   Well, would you believe it has been 31 days!  TOMORROW is NOVEMBER!  I know... it's just insane how time flies.  You just about can't blink and the days are  gone.  I loved reading Joy's … [Read more...]