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Where’s my fork?! It’s a Dana Cake!

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Okay, for those of you who have never had a Dana Cake, you are gonna thank me for this post…

For most of my life, well actually my whole life, I have been blessed to know a very precious, God-loving family that had a little bit of artistic ability running through their veins. {snicker}

Over the years they have shared some of these wonderful talents with those all around…  {Mrs. Penny made my bride and groomer topper that graced the top of my wedding cake with part of my Mothers wedding dress attached as the veil… beautiful… I’ll treasure forever}

This past month, our {P.G. Nazarene} Women’s Ministry had the pleasure of hearing from one of these talented Pennys!  {Well… Beasley now, but that’s a whole-nother post} 

We were drooling as Dana so gracefully twirled and flicked and swooshed her sugar concoction atop a tower of delight.  I mean she made it look sooooo easy!  She shared all her tips and secrets and I just knew I could go home and whip one out just like Dana… 

yeah. right.

Honestly, I didn’t even try!  But, I am gonna, really… I am.  And when I do, I am gonna tell you all about it!  It was very inspiring!

In the meantime, I’ve put in my order for birthday cakes to cover me for the next year! You know, just in case…

So, I have to say that we were just in awe as Dana made it all look so easy… icing a cake, dipping strawberries and making them look like little bride and grooms, squirting out these nothing-but-sugar baby booties to pop in your mouth when no one is looking and the oh-so-popular cake pops!  CAKE POPS!  It was a night full of fun, fun times and we all left so inspired to go whip up some sugary concoction for ourselves or a loved one.  She is just absolutely wonderful and I just had to let you all in on these delicious and beautiful “Dana Cakes”.

All silliness aside… I LOVE this family and my life has been so enriched with all of them in it! 

And just to give you something to drool over, I am gonna show a few of the cakes that Dana has whipped out for my family in the past!



A little tid bit… her grandmother who she lovingly and respectfully calls, “Grandmother”!  I know, I LOVE it!  You should meet this woman…whew!  A saint.  Really.  She is amazing!  Good folks have come from this sweet grandmother and a whole lot of talent!  I am just thrilled to have had Mrs. Penny make mine and Andy’s wedding cake 11 years ago this past September!  IT was DELICIOUS and just gorgeous with these beautiful pulled sugar flowers.  Memories.

So, if you are in our area, you gotta check out these cakes.  {She might just kill me for writing this… But, I just couldn’t help but share my love for Dana Cakes and this sweet family!}  If you’d like a “Dana Cake” then just email us at: and we’ll get you her info. If you don’t want to take my word for it… ask her sister-n-law (Joy)! {lol}   Somewhere in the way distant past, many moons ago, Joy’s big brother put the mo-joe on Dana and they’ve been together ever since…

Oh, and at the end of our women’s ministry meeting, ”Grandmother” leaned my way and shared, “There is one thing this church didn’t do for me that they did for my girl…” {Oh no!  I swallowed… worried, waiting… something we didn’t do for this sweet saint! shame on us!} and with her Penny smile that just keeps on smiling, “they named her cakes!”  And we just laughed! 


Even better, before she wrapped up her little demo, she shared with us a few facts on Colon Cancer!

You see, not only is she just the most talented and sweet and beautiful lady I know, but she is also a cancer survivor!  I mean, this gal ROCKS!

And, she wanted us all to know how important it is for us to know the facts on Colon Cancer!  Did you know that 1/ 25 women will be diagnosed with colon cancer!  Yeah.  I know. And did you know that if we would just take a few preventative measures, like take a test, we could save our own life! I mean, come on people… IT’S JUST A TEST!

It isn’t going to kill you!  Actually, it could be the thing that SAVES you!

So, if you are a candidate for early screening or are 50 or know someone who falls in these categories go and get screened!  Make an appointment for your loved one and yourself!!

Okay, I LOVE Dana and I just had to give a little shout out for the colon cancer SURVIVOR!!  

So, go get screened and go eat a DANA CAKE!



Okay, so I could not, NOT say something about my beautiful Sis-in-Law.  I love her like crazy and she really is like a sister to me.  Natalie is correct on one thing…she really does make the best cakes EVER!   It makes me sad that we don’t live closer so I can have Dana cake all the time.  I tell her often that I crave them!  Here are a few of the cakes she’s made us over the years also!                        

                                                                   I do agree with Natalie though, there is nothing like a Dana cake….WE LOVE YOU DANA!



3 comments on “Where’s my fork?! It’s a Dana Cake!

  1. Tamara Campbell on said:

    So in order for us to enjoy one of these cakes we have to move??? Bummer.

  2. stephanie ratliff on said:

    I am so upset that I missd this meeting with Dana!!!

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