31 Days of Inspiration…Days 28, 29 & 30

Welcome to the weekend edition!

Fall inspiration for Days 28, 29 & 30

Well folks we are winding down here for our 31 Days of Fall inspiration and it makes me a little sad!  Fall is very special time of year that Natalie and I enjoy immensely.  For the weekend edition I would like to share with you the one thing that I look forward to the most out of every fall….


I don’t know what I look forward to the most, The FOOD, or the FELLOWSHIP!

Thanksgiving is that one time of year that our families table is full of both!  Where you are sitting elbow to elbow with no room on the table for even all the food to fit.  The laughter from this days conversation is enough to fill my soul for the rest of the year.  We stuff our faces until someone unbuttons their pants….then we stuff some more in!  Elastic waist pants become everyone’s best friend!

This is my last day of inspiration for you.  Natalie will take the last day, so I would like to say to each of you…

Happy Fall and

Happy Thanksgiving!

May your tables, bellies and house be full of laughter and pure Joy!



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