31 Days of Inspiration…Day 20

I have to confess a little secret of mine…..something I look forward to every Fall…..a guilty pleasure!


Not just any Candy Corn, but Branchs Autumn Mix!Some love it, some hate it, and some are obsessed with it…I would be one of those people!   My husband thinks that I am a bona-fide loony about this candy, but I’m telling you it is good for your soul!  The Autumn mix only comes out in the Fall and that bag of heaven is filled with Ooey Gooey Goodness!

The only thing that makes Candy Corn better is mixing it with salted peanuts

Oh Momma, that’s good stuff!  Talk about your sweet and salty!

Let me inspire you to try some out today and add this to your guilty pleasures!

Happy Fall!!!

One comment on “31 Days of Inspiration…Day 20

  1. Gloria Kirkpatrick on said:

    I make my own version of stuff. I put what every cand goes with the occassion. If it is Halloween, it is all kinds of different chex mix, cand cor (Autumn Mix) M & M plan (autumn colos) & peanuts; chocolate raisins; delluxe mixed nuts. Stir it all up and ready to munch. At Christmas I put chocloate Christmas candy instead of candy cor, etc. Change color of M & M’s for Christmas, then Valentine, etc. Since I don’t get to eat it know, my family still enjoys it.

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